12 May 2014

Update: Six weeks after hip replacement *graphic photo warning*

...and all's well :)

If you missed my initial post-op post, click here.

The walker has been retired.

I frequently wonder where in the hell I've left my cane.

The pain is minimal, and none of it is in the joint. What a beautiful thing!

I have a set of 10+ exercises that I am to do 2-3x/day. They are so basic. I started getting agitated because the rehab seemed lame. Then I realized that I'm not rehabbing from a sports injury and trying to get back into competitive form...I'm helping my body recover from a MAJOR trauma. Seven layers of tissue were sliced open and then stitched/glued back together. Nerves and muscles were retracted. A bone was sawed in two pieces. And then a metal rod was hammered down the center of my femur.

  • Calf raises and some anterior tibialis thing. 
  • High knee "marches" (quad and hip flexor, challenges balance).
  • A thing like butt kicks (works hamstrings, stretches quad, challenges balance).
  • Rear leg extensions, standing with minimal movement...just enough to activate the glutes.
  • Side leg lift, standing with minimal movement...just enough to activate the glute medius.
  • Sidestepping.
  • Walking up and down stairs, alternating feet.
  • Seated leg extension.
  • Seated leg extension with quad lift.
  • Seated leg extension with slight abduction.
  • Bridges.
  • Clams.
  • I walk a lot.
I have my 6-week post-operative check-up with my surgeon this coming Thursday. There, he will determine which restrictions to continue or impose or remove. I started driving last week...that was a big change! I was cleared for "a little" driving which turned into a lot...as in my normal amount. My leg isn't happy with that :( I need to pull back, but my husband was nearing a breaking point with driving duty. Hopefully, this week will be a lighter load for me.

I'm so very lucky and deeply appreciative to have such a supportive group of online and RL friends. Many thanks to all of you for your well-wishes and advice :)


  1. This post is so timely! I have three co-workers who were out with hip replacements and one is back today. She's looking great as great as you sound, and I really appreciate the insight into the types of physical therapy exercises you're both doing. Good for you for being diligent! What a journey! Here's to minimal pain!

  2. Yeah, that's pretty major stuff to go through. So take it easy! And I'm so glad you are recovering well.

  3. Amazing progress in six weeks! The ability of the human body to heal is amazing.

  4. I do a lot of side stepping. I'm good at it.

  5. Having helped with a lot of total hips I was expecting more graphic photos than that ;) Glad you are doing good and progressing! My dad is getting his hip replaced soon and he is so nervous!

  6. The scar looks like it's healing well! Healing from a major surgery is never fun but it sounds like you are passing with flying colors!

  7. Lol! As a trauma nurse I,like Christie, was expecting something more graphic! That incision is healing beautifully! Yay!

  8. it's healing up nicely!!! you are doing all of the stuff i was doing and seriously i feel like i'm reading my own posts about the actual trauma part! that's what my doc had to remind me. :) youre constantly in my thoughts....xoxo

  9. I'm glad that rehab still continues on, I hope it goes well. For B2B, thanks! I still remember your recap from maybe 3 years ago? Including said naked butt? I think that was how I found your blog in the first place! Yea, my B2B race was everything that I wanted it to be - great times. Now I need to pick up my strength training to get my body back to 100%

  10. oh, and since I started the race literally at the front, I didn't see any naked people! Joy!

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