17 December 2014

If you want to see me run for the first time in 2 years... (plugging my JINGLE BELL HELL shenanigans)

...this Saturday (12/20/14) at 8 am, Inspiration Point in Berkeley's Tilden Park is the place to be.

(Notice I didn't put any minutes after that "8"? That's because we don't run a very tight ship at #JBH...yet. We're just glad when people intentionally show up...even if it's just because of the FREE DONUTS!)

Jingle Bell Hell 2014 (click that to see the informational post) will be my post-surgical debut run. It'll be short (like, a quarter of a mile) and hopefully sweet. But it might suck. Be there to find out!

There will be donuts.

There will be chip-timing again.

There will be cookies.

There will be water.

If I knew people were going to actually show up I'd get some shirts made and some bling. There will be prizes. And remember...the winner gets his or her name inscribed on the awesome trophy IN INK! And that means FOREVER.

I'm hoping we double the real-life participant numbers this year and hit The Big 5. It's way more fun than it sounds like. Really.



  1. Excited for you! Sounds like the perfect race to make your return to running. I'll be there in spirit!

  2. Heck yes go for a little run! One day I'm going to fly out and join you. I want a donut, too.

  3. I totally intended to get my virtual done but I had my first IRL 5K in a few months on the 20th, and just couldn't get it together to do the virtual on the 21st, so I didn't meet the deadline...oh well, maybe next year. At least I am back on track to find my fitness...which was the whole point! Thanks!

  4. I am sure that running can only do good things to all aspects of your life. You have all my support.

  5. Get my blessings, you are amazing

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