14 July 2011

Time to play Q & A... + NUUN giveaway!

It's time to play....


I was tagged by Kovas... who was tagged by Chris K, the Manly Runner... who pilfered the idea from Colleen of Iron Diva...

I am super excited to play because I love a good overshare. TMI could be my initials. Let's get cracking with a no-holds-barred interrogation ... no torture necessary. You ask. I answer. 

Ask away for the next several days... let's say Sunday sometime, and I'll post answers on Monday.

To make it super interesting and in the hopes of getting lots of inappropriately probing juicy good questions, there will be prizes! 

You can win 

A perfect prize for summer, n'est-ce pas? Adding Nuun to your hydration equation is super smart... lots of electrolyte goodness and no sugar. Drop it in your water bottle and you're good to go :) I want to share the NuunLove I've been getting from Team Nuun as a member of their Hood to Coast Relay team with all o' y'all, so here's how it'll work... and you know with me it is never simple ;-)

  1. first of all, NO following is required... anyone can play... you just need to ask me a question.
  2. secondly, if you are interested in being considered for a NuunPrize please say so in your comment (just a quick "want it" will suffice, but you can be more flowery if you wish) and tell me what flavor... you can pick any two... go to their site here to see what the choices are.
  3. third, there will be three categories for the prizes... 1. most bizarre question asked... score points for creativity... but must be realistically answerable (fantasy inquiries are allowed). 2. most 'telling' question... score points for probing and digging for the true essence (or embarrassing past) of me. 3. most flattering question... score points for sucking up to my vanity. 
All will be judged by me, and all winners will win a Nuun-y prize... if desire is indicated in the comment. Yes, it is totally subjective... of course. No randomness here except in the questions. And if your question engenders a video or photographic response, giant bonus points for you.

Let's have some fun... 'cuz FUN is what it's all about :)

As part of this Q & A game, I am to tag five more players. I couldn't stop at just five. I picked more.

I am tagging a few people who are known over-sharers (even though they pretty much tell-all on their blogs already) because I think they will actually play along and invite challenging questions where others might simply blush or walk away.... and then some who I really want to know more about... for better or worse :P  

and my big gigantic bonus pick... my entire gang that is Team Nuun Two... I wonder if they'll play?
I know that not everyone is a fan of games like this. No worries if you've been tagged don't want to play. It's not like a chain letter where you'll go broke and have 25 years of bad luck... but you're missing out!  

To play, just grab that "Q & A" sign up top and set up shop :)



                    1. Please give me a one word answer. Where did you lose your virginity?

                    2. So I really want to play...but I'm more of a listener than an out-of-the-blue question asker. In all aspects of your life, where do you struggle the most, where has balance come most easily and where have you thrown up your hands exasperation? (I'd try some Nuun, though I currently love Hammer)

                    3. Can I ask multiple questions? If so (if not, you can throw the rest out!)

                      *If you had to dye your hair a non-traditional color, what would it be?

                      *Did you always know you wanted to be a mother and to have a big family?

                      *Any more bambinos in your future?

                      *Celebrity crush?

                      Can I be entered in your giveaway? I missed your last one!

                    4. "And if your question engenders a video or pornographic response...." Oops read that wrong.

                      Want it.

                      Yes/No Spanking? Spanking of children not husbands.

                      Abstinence or BC/teenagers.

                      One thing you have ZERO tolerance for?

                      I won't clog the comment with questions! I will play your little game:) My initials are JLS. I think if I follow it with TMI, it could be like Jenn likes to share too much information....Ha!!

                    5. I'll play! Great idea with the nuun. My problem is that I really want to try some of those new flavors and haven't seen them locally. And..I'm just selfish that way ;-)

                      Since I am a new follower, I don't know a lot about you. Excuse me if this is somewhere obvious on your blog. How did you meet your husband?

                    6. all right of course I will play
                      I reserve the right to come back with more questions after a few hours of sleep...I am running on low battery these days...

                      Oh and yes please to NUUN fruit punch please..if we say please do we get bonus point? that is my first quesiton.

                      How did you end up with what I consider a French name?

                      The answer to Beth's question is wedding night correct? (ha ha!!)

                      If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be?

                      what did you study in College? if you knew what your life was going to be would you make the same choice?

                      how long was your longest relationship before your husband?

                      did you have a big wedding? with bridesmaids and all the hoopla?

                      Are you happy? I think you are..just want to be sure...

                      What is the one thing you wish the most for your kids?

                    7. Ha @ SUAR and Jenn!

                      I'm not really playing, but I have to throw some questions out there:

                      Does eating a slice of bread make you want to punch someone? :)

                      Do you wipe from the front to back, reverse or not-at-all? (too much?)

                      Who would play you in a movie?

                    8. what has been the hardest part of motherhood for you so far?

                      what is the one thing you thought you would never say that did come out of your mouth one day..is it "because I said so"?

                      What poster was on your wall when you were a teenager?

                      how old were you when you left home?

                      tatoo? if yes what? where?

                    9. Oh I will play of course....
                      thank you for tagging me

                    10. i want to win!! Soo...I'm gonna try to get a video response to my question. So, since you showed us you can run in a skirt (in the dark) and bike in a skirt (maybe that was the one in the dark? or weren't they all? hey, these don't count as questions yet!) and swim in a skirt, the question is...Can you swim (ok, that part will be easy), bike and run in a swimsuit!? Fruit punch sounds yum!

                    11. Just wait until Caroline gets a bazillion questions and realizes that asking a ton is hard work. Woo wee, my posts with the answers too hours. So, you know me, a fan of brevity, I am only going to ask you a a few.

                      1) How in the heck do you keep up on reading and writing Blogs with 10 kids? I can't with one.

                      2) If you had to drive across the country and could only bring one CD what would it be?

                    12. Ooooh ,you did the best write up of this so far! Love it! And love nuun...not as much as you but it is pretty cool. What size are those jeans that make your ass look so damn hawt??

                      Where is the craziest place you've ever had sex?

                      What do you eat for breakfast?

                    13. I think I might ahve to do this Q and A too...fun stuff here. :) I love your blog Marjorie...I've missed it!

                    14. Sounds like fun...I'll try to get 'er done, but I'm not the most reliable blogger in the bunch what with all my social commitments...pffftt...
                      Here's my question, and hopefully, it will include video footage: how big are your biceps when you flex? I ask because as a runner, I'm guessing your focus more energy on cardio than weights?...that's two questions, my NUUN-y prize better be HUGE! xoxoxo

                    15. I've heard that crewing/rowing is the most intense and physically demanding sport there is. How do you think it compares to other athletic stuff like running?

                    16. What is one thing you would like to change about yourself?

                      What is one thing you are most proud of? (about yourself; you can't say our kids, your backyard, etc).

                    17. 1) Do you feel guilty for giving me crap b/c I only wrote two questions even though I was actually doing you a favor?
                      2) Are you still trying to figure out a way to apologize? :-)
                      3) Why did you hide your head when you first started to do Granny Gadget videos?
                      4) What is your advice when people start dating and one person has an issue with the other's parenting approach which results in the kids behavior that is unacceptable.
                      5) Do you nag?
                      6) What is the one thing you are working on about yourself?
                      7) What is your best quality as a wife?
                      8) Do you fundamentally avoid conflict or subconsciously create it?

                    18. How do I follow Chris?

                      So I want to know about Fidel--what's the story there?

                    19. I will play! Fun times.

                      What is something you regret...from high school?

                      Duhn, duhn, duuuuhhhhn...

                    20. 1.) What bad thing did you do as a kid that your parents never found about?

                      2.) What bad thing has one of your kids done that you know about, but they think is still a secret?!

                    21. OK, first things first, I would opt for Lemon-Lime if I win.

                      And here are a couple I've always wondered about you but was always to shy to ask (and thanks for giving me the opportunity to do so):

                      - was your husband still married when you two met, or, to put it otherwise, were you "the other woman"? (see there how I withheld names for privacy?)

                      - what's the story of the terrible car crash that cause your hip issues? Was anybody else involved? Did you have any other injuries? When was that anyhow?

                      - Here is one that will potentially go in the flattering category: does disliking your husband's ex affect your relationship with his kids or are you able to just ignore her to appreciate them? Do you see traces of her in them that bug you?

                      - Do you still want those skate rental tickets I just found lying around in my drawer, or am I too late?

                      - Am I unreasonably obsessed with your husband's ex? I can't imagine having to deal with that kind of thing, don't know how you do it.

                    22. Fidel or Stalin?

                      North Dakota or South?

                      Who let the dogs out?

                      What you gon' do with all that junk?/All that junk inside your trunk?

                      Why you sleepin' with ya eyes closed?

                      Should I stay or should I go now?

                    23. Apologies in advance.

                      I definitely want some Nuun!

                      Plugs or Pads and why?

                      Have you ever had to change the above during a race? If yes, details.

                      Whats the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you during a race (assuming a "no" answer to above)?

                    24. How do you find time to like sleep, let alone run?

                    25. Do you think the chicken crossed the road just to get to the other side or is it a small part in some sort of government cover up?

                      Are we alone in the Universe or is there life on other planets?

                      James Taylor or Neil Young?

                    26. What do you secretly wish for on your birthday?

                    27. OMG!!! I have followed you for a while but admit that I often don't have time to read. Well I'm killing time this morning checking out your blog and I just read your story about the card.. I could see myself and my boys in this story, although I'm pretty sure there is no haiku involved, just lack of interest. Either way I usually end up feeling like a rotten mom and deserving of just the card I got. :)

                      So on to my questions?
                      How do you deal with rotten Mom moments?

                      Both of my boys have the same sarcastic "wit" that I do, do your children "get you" and follow in your steps?

                      If you had to read only 2 blogs from now on whose would you read?

                    28. hate to say but part 2 of CK questions are GOOD

                      why do you run mostly at night? how is that safe?

                      what were your favorite running shoes ever?

                      do you use cloth diapers or disposables for my babies?

                      did you breastfeed my children? for how long? why?

                      how on earth did YOU, at the age of 45, have a baby? and more importantly, why?

                      I HAD to do it...before Kovas..you know how he is...

                    29. OK I will play.

                      How many times a day do you think about running?

                      Where do you find strength, and no I don't want to know how far you can run or how many push ups you can do.

                      Do you brush your teeth before breakfast, sex, or running?

                    30. P.S. How do you want me to send you the NUUN pic?

                    31. I'd like some nuun, but the link wasn't working. Something strawberry-ish would be good.

                      What is it about Chris K that makes it so much fun to give him a hard time?

                    32. Wow, lots of awesome questions, I'm sure your answers will be epic, I can't wait to read them. Thanks for the tag, I've been kind of out of the loop, slowly getting back in.

                      Anyway... I want to know:

                      How did you become so cool? Were you born that way, or is it something you've been working hard to perfect over the, uh, 30 some years you've been alive? :)

                      If you had say a butterfly tattoo on your lower back (you know, the "tramp stamp") that you got when you were young and stupid and didn't really care for it anymore and decided the time had finally come to change it, what would you get to cover it up?

                    33. Totally want some nuun. love the crack.

                      What's the oldest thing buried at the back of your fridge/freezer?

                      Your favorite breakfast?

                    34. If you had to cast someone to play you in a movie, who would it be?

                      Seriously, with 10 kids, how do you find time to blog?

                    35. Oops wrong post

                      - If barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?
                      - Do penquins have knees?
                      - How does asprin find the headache?
                      - If teplon is stick free, how do they get it to stick to the pan?
                      - When someone yells "headsup!!" why does everyone duck?

                    36. Last minute question.

                      What do you think the success rate (as a percentage) was for successfully executed wild west gun fights? "Successfully executed" is defined as a gunfight that ends with at at least one participant down for good.

                    37. So, I’m sure that I’m far too late, but I want to feel like I’m not losing my mind, so I’m going to ask some shiz….

                      Do you ever make your kids dress up Brady style and sing the Brady bunch song?

                      Be honest – how many Cuban cigars did you bring back?

                      Can I have a Cuban cigar?

                      What does XL MIC stand for?

                      If you could run with one person dead or alive, who would it be?


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