15 July 2011

What's Up Friday...

Screw alliteration.

There's still time for you to come play Q & A with me... the game where you can ask about anything. 

  • Why did I stop rowing? 
  • How much could I bench at the height of my strength? 
  • What are my old PRs? 
  • What is my favorite physical feature about myself? 
  • What do I find attractive in others? 
  • Why did I buy an enormous RED sofa? 
  • What the heck is up with my hip?
  • Why did I marry a man who already had 6 children... and then make him have 4 more?
  • Exactly how unpopular was I in high school and why?
You can even win Nuun! See the Q & A game post for details.

Here's what's happening today...

Since my hip is all hurting and cranky this week, I am not running :(  I am so sad. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could just work out and nothing ever hurt or got injured? Fortunately, my PT had some cancellations today and they can squeeze me in... you need to understand how miraculous this is... the woman is booked out until mid-August. She is the Goddess of ART... my friend Tricia recently posted about ART. After having this hip problem for over 8 years, ART is what finally fixed me.  Sure wish I had known about it sooner.

Being unable to run, I did some more bike riding... that doesn't hurt my hip. I am so thankful that I was urged to try out the bike because it is proving to be so helpful. While I am still not so sure how much I like riding, it is a life-saver in terms of sanity preservation and has become a wonderful cross-training tool. I think I pay more attention to my surroundings when I ride... even though I am going faster. And it's nice to be able to venture outside of The Compound at twilight... I wouldn't do that running... just a little too close to the ghetto to feel safe.  Last night's ride was another beauty. Aesthetically speaking.

The sun had just sunk below the horizon by the time I made it out to the trail.

At my turnaround, I needed to pump up that tire
(yes, I do plan on getting it fixed soon... still figuring out how to fit it and four kids in the car at the same time... oh, brainstorm! toss it in the truck and get my husband to take it in!)
which gave me a moment in which to discover this bit of urban art.
(that's a paint-spattered shoe stuck on the wall)

Then back to some natural beauty...

I really wish I could take better nighttime pictures.
This looks so lame.
It was spectacular in real life.

And a sidenote...

Beth at Shut Up and Run has called for people to expose their strange hidden talents (their SHT, if you will). And has thrown in a t-shirt to make a contest out of it. I can't remember the last time I won a t-shirt. She can fart in her throat. I will be brainstorming and developing my SHT ... I have until the 18th to perfect and video it. I know you all are rooting for me. 

I could always video myself making horrifically candid remarks at my 30th high school reunion tomorrow night. But I guess that since everyone already knows I have 'filter issues', that isn't really a strange hidden talent.


  1. That sunset is gorgeous, and wasn't the moon last night awesome?! Hope your hip gets to feeling better after some PT and some TLC :)

  2. So sorry about your hip! :( thinking of you. Awesome shots you got. Again, I miss San Fran area.

    Oh, I know just what I'll do to enter Beth's contest!!! I can pul my stomach skin out like dough. like really far. :)

  3. Love the urban beauty.
    WTH is up with your hip? Hope the ART does wonders.

  4. You're hilarious! T gotta click back and check out your Q&A game now.

    By the way, I prefer "no filter" peeps myself.

    Gillian from Baby Talk without the Babble

  5. I want video of the inappropriate comments...oh yes I do!

  6. You should hands down win the t-shirts for your barefoot skirt videos - the rock!!!

    Grrrr at that hip!! I had hoped things were going well and it was behaving. I hope the ART chick is able to perform her magic and get you back on that road soon!

    Hang in there, girl - be strong!

  7. Whoa--you guys have 10 kids altogether? Crazy!
    I love your pics...especially the one with the moon!

  8. - If barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?
    - Do penquins have knees?
    - How does asprin find the headache?
    - If teplon is stick free, how do they get it to stick to the pan?
    - When someone yells "headsup!!" why does everyone duck?


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