13 July 2011

Moonlit Ride

What a day.

Just way more running around than I like... but about as much as usual.

Drop the little one off at preschool, take the big girl to try and weasel our way into camp mid-session, go to acupuncture, go home, throw food into a bag for the boys, go pick little one up from preschool, go to pool for 6-year old's swimming lessons, go pick big girl up from camp (we got in... yay!), try to figure out blogging-on-the-go while waiting for her, go home, make dinner, go to big kids' swimming lessons, get rear-ended by some jerk-off on the way home, get home...

I had to get the *bleep* outta there.

"Can I go for a bike ride?"

Exhausted husband: "Sure."

"And then a run?"

Him:  "Whatever."

Yes, he is rad.  (are you happy now, Chris K?)

Got bike. Grabbed helmet. Oh... AND pump. Off I went. It was 8:40 p.m.

Thankfully, there were no weirdos out, and the tire didn't deflate very quickly, so I was able to ride steadily for about 30+ minutes. It was getting dark and I don't have lights or reflective clothing, so I was taking some chances. But it was gorgeous out...

do you see the moonlight on the water? pretty :)

My camera/phone is not so awesome in low-light conditions.

When the ride was over, I ran into the house and changed my clothes and headed back out for a small run. It was nice to run on flat, level ground after my Sequel to the Apocalypse run on Sunday. But I have now decided that I do, in fact, hate those shoes. So glad I was able to find 2 pairs of my other discontinued ones online :)

A small brick for today's workout and Core Synergistics from the P90X series yesterday... I think I am going to do that every other day this week in the hopes that it makes me look super awesome for my 30th high school reunion this coming Saturday. There has been a flurry of Facebook activity regarding my reunion... I am so unbelievably curious now. It is bound to be totally interesting. 

I was one of those unpopular, obnoxious kids in high school.

I wonder if anyone will even talk to me?

If you missed my babies... click here. And if you missed our awesome beach day, click here.

And the gadget! The gadget is coming... I promise!


  1. Just wear your "Seven Wonders" boobies bra & they'll ALL wanna talk to you! :) Reunions suck donkey dicks :) I obviously don't do reunions!

  2. Your pictures always make me miss the ocean! Beautiful night!

  3. I love how everything is so different in the dark - looks like a great place to train!

  4. Gorgeous and peaceful (at least it looks that way). Ahhh, loved these. And you are on fire with your workouts...so dedicated here. Way to Go!! I'm going to try commenting from my other site now just for fun. Watch this. ha ha

  5. How's this for a new comment? Never heard from this art fart runninghood person?

  6. "sure"
    Is that like...everyone's husband...or are our two just that similar? :D

  7. No one's going to want to mess with RAD you at that reunion! I'm sure in a week, you'll have a stellar kickass body!!!

    Love the pictures on the water...us landlocked souls must crave water - I am always drawn to it.

    I hear you on the crazy days...I get less done now that I'm home for the summer than when I'm at work.

  8. Beautiful bike ride!! It makes working out so much better when you have such an amazing view.

  9. training at night is a no no here
    not safe enough...it sucks

    reunion: you MUST go. people will talk to you, I promise. after all these years there is no more gangs, the walls are down. Go to your reunion.

  10. Talk to you?! They'll talk to you, then they'll talk ABOUT you (all awesome, of course) then they'll read your blog, then they'll friend you on facebook, follow you on twitter, and all around digg you! ;)

  11. Julie, I would say most husbands are like that. because by nature we are super chill. So the next time you start second guessing our "sure's" or "whatever's" to mean something else then think again. 99.9% of the time we mean it with the best of intentions despite choosing words that suggest indifference.

  12. BTW, I don't care how unpopular you were in HS, you were still the prom queen compared to me.

    I went to my 10th. No one remembered me or knew who the hell I was so I just made shit up all night long.

  13. Beautiful pictures of your bike ride! I often ride when the sun is rising...I should take some pictures too :)

  14. You're gonna be rock solid for your reunion!!!

  15. Wow, what gorgeous photos from your ride! I'd surely want to go out riding on an evening like that too.

    Thanks for linking up with Fit Moms Club! :)

  16. I would love to live where you live. If I did, there would be no reason I wouldn't be a fit person. LOL! :) Loved all the pics.

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has 2 Hands!

  17. Beautiful!

    I am sure that you will look GREAT at your reunion..and that there will be PLENTY of people to talk to Mrs Nuun!! :)


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