19 July 2011

More than you bargained for... the answers

This Q & A game was such a great exercise. There were so many thought-provoking questions. Some of you really had me looking at myself and my life, trying to figure things out. And others of you asked such totally inane bulls***! Still, I am going to answer it ALL :)  But not all at once.

Caroline will get her own answer post. I think she wins some Nuun just for that ;-)

The answers will not be in the order asked. I am just wiped out tonight; it's been a busy day and I have had a migraine for 2 days and still cannot run because of that stupid man who rear-ended me :( So I am going to answer them in whatever order strikes my fancy...

Ashley asked:

*If you had to dye your hair a non-traditional color, what would it be?  Lime green.

*Did you always know you wanted to be a mother and to have a big family?  yes! I used to write stories about families with double-digits kids. When I saw The Sound of Music, I wanted to BE Maria... all those kids!  My favorite books were about big families.  Might have had something to do with the fact that I was an only child

*Any more bambinos in your future? sadly, no. I am 48 and think I've pretty much aged out. Also, I feel like 4 is good :)

*Celebrity crush? Robert Downey, Jr.  I have a think for good-looking bad boys. But I guess he's cleaned up his act... that makes it even better... so bad boys who've cleaned up their act.

Jenn asked:

Yes/No Spanking? Spanking of children not husbands. I do not think spanking is a good method of discipline. That said, I have spanked 2 of my kids at some point. I remember each time (there have been 6 times total). They all involved a situation that required a swift and effective and memorable consequence. 

Abstinence or BC/teenagers. Both... explain why abstinence is a great path to follow, but acknowledge the reality. Really would rather not bury my head in the sand. 

One thing you have ZERO tolerance for?
intentionally cruelty.

~K~ asked:

Can you swim (ok, that part will be easy), bike and run in a swimsuit!? woman! I did this already! check out my triathlon video... 

Amanda@Runninghood asked:

What size are those jeans that make your ass look so damn hawt?? those are my awesome 7 for all mankind jeans that I got for $15 at the same place I got my $25 Moschino dress. They are a size 26, which I think translates into a 2 or 4.

Where is the craziest place you've ever had sex? ha! on the finish line on the awards dock of the Canadian Henley racecourse in St. Catharines, Ontario. Crazy, but not all that comfortable.

What do you eat for breakfast?
my first breakfast is usually a fistful of raw almonds, a fistful of raw cashews and maybe some dried fruit in there. My second breakfast is either yogurt and fresh fruit or brown rice and 2 eggs... sometimes with spinach and/or goat cheese.

MissZippy asked:

So I want to know about Fidel--what's the story there?  here's a link to part of it. I rowed on the PanAm team in 1991 in Havana, Cuba. We placed second, and he happened to be presenting medals at that moment... he was only there for an hour or so. I actually jumped on him and his bodyguards totally freaked out. I doubt he remembers me :P

Kerrie asked:

What is something you regret...from high school? popping a mustard packet on a girl's white dress. what a crummy move. it was semi-intentional, but I really didn't think I could do it... and I really hoped I couldn't... but I did it anyway. She was super sweet. It was mean :(

Average A asked:

1.) What bad thing did you do as a kid that your parents never found about? nothing. I was perfect. Really. And my mom reads my blog. I waited until I left home to be bad.

2.) What bad thing has one of your kids done that you know about, but they think is still a secret?!
LOL! I make sure my kids know that I know EVERYTHING! that way they are less inclined to try and hide stuff from me or try to pull one over on me. So far, so good ;-)

Rhonda asked:

What do you secretly wish for on your birthday?  A lovely spearmint green emerald ring set in platinum... just perfect, simple, sparkly green.

Kate asked:

What is it about Chris K that makes it so much fun to give him a hard time? he can take it... and he likes it... he begs for it!

Jeff and his dangling carrot asked:

How do you find time to like sleep, let alone run? Sleep? Sleep is overrated :P

And on that note, people, I need to get some... 

Come back later and find out all about what I am proud of, how I met my husband, what I struggle with, how big my biceps are when flexed, if I was the "other" woman... and lots, lots more...

And you may have noticed that an oooooo scary Circle of Moms badge has reappeared in my sidebar. This one is for Top SF Bay Area Mom Blogs... I fit that bill :) Go hit that pink button... you know how... you got all that practice back in May... remember? Don't let that training go to waste ;-)


  1. Damn! How did I miss the question asking post? Better late than never....have you ever sharted in public? Go get your zzzzzs, & when your migrane goes away, then you can think about my question. Feel better!

  2. I thought you were a brave woman before this post but now you have me convinced!!! Asking people to dubmit questions and then answering them!!! You are amazing!! I was curious myslef about how you do it all and yet manage to look so great doing it all, sad to hear it is the no sleep option!!! I guess it is overated!!! I'm totally with you on the emerald ring set in platium!! Thank you for always making me smile!! I always enjoy my visits to your site!!

  3. You're killing me here with some of these answers!

    And I'm wondering if you don't know my friend Naomi from the rowing world? It's a small sport and you're close in age. will have to email you to check!

  4. lol...gotta love St. Catharines, Ontario. Canada fo' life!

  5. Great questions and answers! At the finish line? You're so much more gutsy than I am.

    Totally with you on the spanking/abstinence ones.

  6. Ha! You are such a free spirit..making up for those years you were perfect polly living at home. :) Love your answers here. The mustard...I can just see you trying to make it look like an oops but really plotting. And the sex story...good story even if it was uncomfortable. :)

  7. As a Canuck, I am proud of your sex life in St Catharines...even I haven't done it there...

  8. Just so everyone knows, ChrisK cries himself to sleep each night. He's not as tough as he seems. He's a good boy who would like to be a bad boy but there is just no way.

  9. This is fun!! Maybe I want to play now afterall... i'd be too scared to see what people ask though!

  10. Yeah, Chris K .... funny story there about being able to take it. I thought he was going to have heart failure when we all teased him about the rain. I got this phone call.... oh, does Chris read your blog? Opps. Hi Chris, you rock!

  11. This turned out sooo good! I love all the random questions. Very cute idea, so glad it worked out!

  12. Lime green? Really? Kinda want to dare you on that

  13. This was very enlightening! Did you really JUMP on Fidel? haha!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Do y'all do those 5K thingy's? Because if you do I have a bone to pick. They had one of those 5K's near Disney World on Sunday and I couldn't get across the street to IHOP. Can't you run where people don't go to eat?


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