13 July 2011

What's missing?

Life has been very full this past week... what is today anyway?

Quick recap here...

*Thursday... almost hit a return-to-running 5K PR in the middle of a tempo run
*Friday... rode that bike even with it's holey tire (have pump, will ride) and gave Miss C her first-ever chocolate chip cookie :)
* Saturday... awesome grey beach day!
* Sunday... I returned to the scene of self-destruction and took that 9-mile Rapture Run on again, this time triumphing... thanks to my sweet new water bottle
* Monday... I dug through my kids' baby pictures and selected some of my favorites to share in the Rockin' the Baby link-up over at Things I Can't Say
* Tuesday... my brief 'brick' workout in the moonlight by the bay... where I practiced some photo skills with my sucky camera/phone

But do you see what's missing? Did you even miss it? bahahahahhaahaha!

The gadget!

So here's that gadget for you gadget afficionados... #26... in all its gadgety glory...

Would you rather have neatly-balled melon or a teeny tiny scoop of ice cream? With this gadget, you can have both! You could even have both at the same time if you wanted :P 

I know I usually post the gadget on Mondays, but honestly, I don't think anyone really cares... let me know if it really throws you off to have it on a different day, and I'll see what I can do in the future ;-)


  1. Oh I want one!!!!!!!

  2. that gadget is pretty cool! I'd take the perfect melon over small ice cream. I say the more ice cream, the better!

  3. I happen to like the granny's gadgets myself. I once gave birth to a midget and used to give him those ice cream scoops.

  4. For a sec, I thought it was Monday - I am way out of whack now, thanks!

    I actually own one of those, though I never use it. And who the heck wants small ice cream...

    Totally laughed and thought of you today. I was at Whole Foods (aka: Whole Paycheck) and buying some cheeries. Guess what was displayed smack in the middle of them cherries?? Yep, a popper! I mean pitter! :) I didn't buy one tough. $10. Ouch.

  5. What day is it?! I'm so confused. Oh wait, it doesn't really matter. :) You could use the baller to put little butter balls on pancakes.

  6. that melon looks amazing! send it over to the OC :)!

  7. Ooh, that gadget is cool. Sadly, I'm so lazy I think I'd just think of it as another thing to clean, so instead just eat the ice cream out of the container and the melon off the crust!

  8. awesome gadget!!

    What it isn't friday yet????!!!!!

  9. Thanks for your kind words on my last post :) You're so sweet!

  10. I think I will take an extra large scoop of ice cream, with an extra large squirt of whipped cream. That spoon might be good for nut butter though, so I stop eating a jar every 3 days...

  11. Love my melon baller, but never thought to use it for ice cream! Great tip!


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