28 July 2011

Going around and around and around...

Summer vacation is just past the halfway mark. Yesterday was Summer Hump Day. I feel like I am going in circles... getting injured (not badly!) blows... unruly children (not horrendous!) drain... so today's post is dedicated to circles. Let's make the most of them...

Having missed my Musique pour Mercredi again yesterday, here's a little circle music for today...

This morning I headed out early and got this circle.... (and 4 others just like it)...

looks gross... feels good :)

Then I came home and made my circle breakfast... raw almonds, raw cashews, golden raisins, chocolate chips...

It's a lot more than it appears to be...
 the pint container was more than half full :)

Then I took the kids to the pool for swimming lessons... withOUT Miss C...

while I cannot twist my body into a near-circle like this lovely yoga lady,
I think I did achieve a level of nirvana while sitting pool-side

And there is always this circle...

click it

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One last thing...

she gets around ;-)

You need NUUN! You were the bestest game player... you always are... and so let me know what kind of Nuun you want and where to send it and it is YOURS :)

And my question for you all is... ever been cupped?


  1. what the heckle happened to your back?! And you totally have it down, write chocolate chips in small letters and it totally doesn't count :)

  2. No, no cupping here. I kind of guessed that's what it was. It was that or you got hit at high speed by a baseball!

    It's seeing things like that that make me happy I have low platelets and therefore cannot participate! :)

  3. INteresting. You got me to click. I wasn't going to read any blogs today but then I saw this strange picture and was like "what the heck?" So great job drawing us in! :) And your pool side sounds heavenly!

  4. Well obviously getting cupped isn't what I thought it was. Ouch!!! That can't be fun! I do like the idea of yoga by the pool, I also love your breakfast, and isn't choclate just mandotory for us moms!! Take care and feel better!!!

  5. I've been groped, is that the same thing?

    would it help my IT band? At this point I'd probably eat dried placenta if someone told me it would cure my ITBS

  6. Yay for Caro!! What the hell is on your back M?!! Kidney punched by Miss C??

  7. THANK YOU!!!

    no on the cupping BUT I would try it

    we are almost done with summer vacation...9 more days...but who is counting? me that's who because the endless fighting that has been going on at my house will stop or at least be reduced by a lot since my boys will see LESS of each other.

  8. pretty awesome, what else happened today?

  9. I know that I'm just a dumb ass guy, but I don't get the circles on the back.

    Add some yogurt to those nuts and you got a real breakfast.

  10. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! NO CUPS for me! That looks painful. Does it really feel GOOD?

  11. PS remind me to tell you about Hammer Heed. I tested it out last weekend on a very long ride/run brick (5 + hours) and was really happy with the results. Because you are doing H2C soon, right? You'll need some proper hydration for sure.

  12. yup...i'm with those guys? wt? the circles?

  13. Uh what the heck is that on your back? Do we have to guess? HAHA!!!

  14. Nope, never been cupped ;)
    Swimming lessons without the little one? That is relaxation ;)

  15. No cupping for me.

    Sitting by the pool in peace DOES sound like nirvana...and you need it this week!

  16. Totally clicked the cupping link to see what the hell it was. Turns out it is just a form of a penis pump. Or a hickey. Either way, I"m in! Where do I sign up? I need my cup to be different shapped though.

  17. The circle on my back is from cupping... it is like a giant hickey, sort of :P I gave you all a link so you could learn about it :)

  18. Your posts always make me smile; you're so creative and you happiness in life shines through :)

    Thanks for sharing this with us at Rub Some Dirt On It!


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