11 July 2011

Rapture Run II... the sequel

In theaters and in books, sequels are often not as entertaining as originals. Something might feel a little forced or stale. This sequel is no exception to that rule. If you missed my original Training for the Rapture, you might want to go back and check it out here. Maps, pictures, video, pants-crapping, dehydration... the whole nine yards... and a major self-destruct at the end, cutting the run short. Had it been truly a post-Apocalyptic incident, the zombies/aliens/Satan would have gotten me for sure.

Yesterday's sequel proved to be boring but successful. Will Smith would have been proud. No drama...no pictures... all business... just focused on finishing the run... no distractions.

I learned from last week's mistakes... the biggie was the water issue. I went out and got one of these...

I LOVE this thing. Amphipod handheld. It was not cheap, but the moment I slipped my hand into the little neoprene sleeve with fleecy-lined snack-and-key pocket, I knew it was a match made in heaven. Soooo comfortable... I hardly knew I was carrying it even when full.

I filled my new new (!) water bottle, stuffed a few pitted dates into the zippered pocket and drove to the site for my second attempt at 9 brutally hilly miles. I made a few changes to the plan... it made things mentally easier but physically harder. I opted to do 9.25 miles... three laps plus once up the spur and then out and back 0.25 each way... instead of two laps of hills plus a longer out and back. My pace would be slow and steady... just finish... just survive.

Some things working in my favor this time:

  1. it was 10 degrees cooler, 
  2. there was no up-in-the-air about when I could do it so I was well-fed at the right times and properly hydrated prior to leaving the house... and 
  3. I was able to take care of some evacuatory biz before leaving as well.

I tried out the new Seven Wonders of the boob world running bra in this challenging setting, too ... it seemed to work out well and was quite comfortable, but it's possible that I was just too focused on survival to notice any glitches in comfort or performance. At least none of the hikers or bikers headed toward me made weird, ogling faces so that was a good sign that bounce-control was happening.

Some things I learned:

  1. Water is a good thing. I will now always bring water on runs where I am unsure of water supply. 
  2. Steep hills are really hard and you run slower going up them. They are difficult to go down, too, but you can go a little faster. 
  3. I hate those shoes... or maybe it was just the pitted and slanted trail :/

The best parts of the run were:

  • got a tan line on my legs that you can actually see. It was still there after my shower, so I know it wasn't just dirt.
  • my awesome ice bath when it was all over.
  • I DID IT!  it was a huge confidence-builder after last week's disappointment. While I didn't crush it, I feel great about how I did. I tried to keep it off the clock, but well.... Suffice it to say that the numbers really didn't matter, I just used them for a gauge to keep myself honest about both effort and hydration.

Feels good to have it done :)


  1. Sounds like you were the beast in that episode, conquering the hills! Good work. And I can't believe I've never been to your blog before...now I'll be back!

  2. Nice run! I think it was good that you didn't let it get your discouraged the first time around and you tried again! I love the water bottle...I might have to get one! I like how you said it has a little pocket where you put your dates, I am always carrying things in sweaty places and they end up inedible!

  3. That looks like a great bottle to have along for you run! It's terrible to get thirsty during a run.

    Thanks for commenting on Mom's Home Run.

  4. Congrats on reaching Rapture! Tan? Maybe just wash better next time.

  5. you did it!!!!
    I knew water would make a huge difference...now try with NUUN or something like that.
    I did that this week and it was so much better!

  6. Great job on the hills. I always carry water out with me on runs unless I'm going under 5 miles. Sounds like by learning some new lessons, you're now a better runner. Enjoy the new bottle.

  7. Nice. Looks like the complete opposite of last time. Um, yeah, water is kinda crucial on 9 mile hilly runs. I love my handheld bottle. But, yours is super rad. You win. I have handheld envy.

    p.s. are you sure you don't want to ask anymore questions on my Blog?

  8. Congratulations on beating a tough run! I've looked at those hand held water bottles before but wondered if they would be obnoxious. I'll give them another look :)

  9. This is great! My sister will run her first half marathon soon. Maybe I should get her that fun little water thingy you talked about up there. How expensive is expensive?

  10. I LOVE my Amphipod handheld. I also have the insulated one, which is very comfy to hold. I bought mine a couple summers ago when I needed something for those hot runs.

    Great job on a tough run!

  11. Loving that water bottle!

    I went to a seminar not long ago about running injuries and one thing Michael Sandler (google him) said was that we get imbalances by having weight on one side of our bodies vs the other said, for example wearing a watch on one side or carrying a handheld. Therefore, try to change hands with the waterbottle so that it's equally in each hand for the duration of the run.

    That's my tip of the day! :)

    Hope you're doing well. I'm way behind in blogland.


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