12 July 2011

Have you ever blogged on-the-go?

As I sit here in my car for what seems like the billionth hour today…

ferrying my kids hither and yon…swimming lessons, camp, preschool…

running my own errands…acupuncture, herb pharmacy, hair dye store…

I can't help but think that I could be multitasking better. Maybe blogging on-the-go? While I'm parked and waiting NOT while driving :P

I do try reading up on your blogs from my sweet smartphone, though commenting is usually rather challenging, but posting is a different story. I don't know how to navigate creating links and adding pics and all those embellishments that tend to make a post more interesting.

Do any of you blog on-the-go? Do you use a special app? How do you do it successfully?

Or should I just stop trying to cram something into every single second of the day and just chill out…maybe meditate or something? Okay…rhetorical question.
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  1. no blogging on the go...I dont have any fancy phone or Ipad to do that..I have an itouch but only works if I get WiFi somewhere..I always have books and magazines in the car for the waiting periods!!

  2. now blogging while driving, that would be a great invention! Haha. I do like writing posts on airplanes though. Nothing really else to do that high up in the air :)

  3. Wish I could help there....I don't have one of them "fancy phones" so...um, yeah. That's it.

    Sounds cool though :))

  4. I try everything once and only about 10% of everything makes it to round 2. Blogging on the go fell in the 90%.

  5. I read on the on go, though I havent blogged on the go

  6. I read on the go but have never blogged on the go. I use the app NetNewsWire -- and as long as I get the blog in my reader, is shows up on my phone.

  7. When my fiance and I were at the beach at the end of the last week, I wrote and posted some posts on the go. You can set it up through blogger to send an email to a special email address and then it posts a blog post. You can't really make the post fancy or anything. I don't even think you can add pics cause I tried and couldn't get it to work.

  8. No, try not to blog on the go. I have a really hard time keeping up with blogs these days. The past few weeks have been really hard without having a break from the kids and having a 2 year old that won't nap anymore. :( Sorry that you got rear ended...I just read about your back from that but I'm still behind. forgive me....I will try to be better at staying caught up. Hope you're feeling better soon.


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