29 July 2011

Do you like avocado? And more Friday FUN stuff.

Got that gadget! ... keeping you guessing... no longer reserved for Mondays ;-)

Summer turns me all around and upside down. Some people seem to think I live on the computer and spend no time with my kids. Not true. The truth is... I don't sleep. Not very much, anyway. It is a bad habit that I am working hard to break. 

Last week's ice cream scooper was deemed 'weak' by my husband. While this week's gadget is a little more ...ummm... rare, I feel a need to apologize for my somewhat 'weak' presentation. I usually get super pumped to do the gadget, but being sort of injured and tired and basically fried, the perfect opportunity to do the video did not coincide with my pumpedness. It happens.

I actually bought these awesome avocados last weekend in anticipation of this video, wanting to present a perfect 'cado being serviced by the perfect 'cado gadget... well, I waited a little long and suddenly realized that my window of opportunity was about to slam shut. Must do gadget video NOW! is what the last not-rotten avocado screamed at me.

I present to you...Granny's Gadget #28...

To hopefully make up for the suckiness of my attitude, I am including the outtake...because this girl is just the supercutest thing EVER!!!!

And after I cranked (as in was cranky) my way through the video and through dinner and through the evening round of swim lessons, I got to go work out!!! yay!!!! more exclamation points!!!!

I want to again thank Big Daddy Diesel and Patrick from The Road for encouraging me to try the bike. I was so resistant. So resistant. But it is saving my life. I even went and got that leaky tire fixed so that I don't have to carry the big pump around with me in the backpack anymore and pump it up every 15 minutes!

I rode my bike for 55 delicious minutes... fairly vigorously. I don't know how far I go or how fast I go... I just go until I need to stop. My legs were quivering when I was done, so I know it was a good effort :)

The sun had already set when I started, and the fog was rolling in. We live in a little pocket that seems to get the fog last... it's pretty sweet. But I do so love watching it stream through the Golden Gate and tumble over the hills of Marin County, on its way to nestle up in the East Bay hills.

The view of the fogbank as I stepped outside The Gate...

looking south... 
(you are looking at that Costco in the distance)

and looking west...
the beauty that is the fog...
obscuring the view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I came home feeling way less cranky. 


  1. Now that your hopelessly in love with the bike and you run, now its time for a duathlon race. Curse me now, thank me later

  2. My x x x husband had a motorcycle. A Harley. He never let me near it, though.

    Avacado is what the use to make guacamole, right? I LOVE nachos!

    Is Big Daddy Diesel cute?

  3. As I was running this morning, I envied the bikers and thought... I really need to ride more... Why am I always running?! LOL. Your views are goregous!!

  4. I am realllllly craving avocados now that I watched your video. Yum!!

  5. I LOVE my bike. Last spring when I could only run because my hand was in a cast, I was so jealous of all the people on bikes.

    Your review was both impressive and hilarious..."Ha! It worked!" (tone of surprise). And I'm very glad I bought an avocado today, bc now I'm hungry for one.

  6. I see you have the same secret that I do, the no sleep solutions!! I'm working on it as well!!! I'm glad you got to have a nice peaceful ride! I always love pictures of the baby, she is really too cute!! Have a great weekend! I will think of you when I too am not sleeping!!!

  7. Your little one IS the super cutest, and I love the fog shots! As a side note, I was born in San Francisco. I really want to make a trip soon...

    Gillian from Baby Talk without the Babble

  8. I left my bike in quebec when I left...big mistake...it magicly dissapeared before I went back for my first visit...on the suspects list: my brother. yeah just him. I bet it is in his garage. I miss having a bike.

    I need that gadget...I make messes everytime I try to peel avocados!

    will you go watch the runners this weekend?

  9. Biking is fantastic and a great way to take care of the cranks! I meant to post pictures of the buffalo I saw on my bike ride last week...I had no idea there was a farm/ranch on my ride with buffalo!

  10. You sounded as surprised that that avocado peeler worked as I was. I thought you did a fine job on the video, no bad attitude detected.

  11. A few things.
    1) Love the word "pumpedness".
    2) More amazed by your ability to remove the pit than the gadget.
    3) I was really impressed with the gadget, so that just says how much I mean #2.
    4) Cute and delicious...your little one and the avocado.

  12. OK - I LOVE that word: pumpedness :D

    That's a cool little avocado knife. Hmmm....I may have to get one of those.


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