23 July 2011

Playing Catch-Up Big Time

Oh, boy!

I have been Slackerama Mama this week... I think it was all those questions that I still haven't answered ;-)

You might think that since I haven't been able to run, I would have tons of time on my hands... but then you might remember that I don't really spend all that much time running and wondered what the heck is going on. Or maybe you just don't really think about it :P Or care.


Starting with the first forgotten thing...

Granny's Gadget #27! which was supposed to happen on Monday.

My husband accused this one of being kind of weak. But as far as most of us are concerned, if it has to do with ice cream... it's pretty awesome. Am I right?

The second forgotten thing...

Musique pour Mercredi!   which was supposed to happen on Wednesday.

This is the world's worst music video... every time I watch it I just crack up and want to make an imitation of it. I find myself acting out the moves and singing the totally lame song. It is like a really contagious disease or something. Or lice.

These guys caught the disease. They did what I want to do. I am so impressed by the fact that so many of them participated! I think I would be lucky to get anyone other than my kids and my husband to do it with me. I want to party with them!

This couple did a more intimate rendition. Just the two of them were able to effectively do the ensemble dancing and solo parts... incredible! Someone needs to sign them up! I wonder if they already have an agent? hmmmmmm....

And if you made it through the above madness... what with the ice cream scooper (ooooooo) and the triplicate music video (aaahhhhhh) and you are ready for more...

I bring you the third forgotten thing...

Vecchio Venerdì!  which was supposed to happen yesterday.

This week's photo of the past is not a scary-looking guy with scary sideburns... nor is it of the same guy after the beard filled in the spaces between the sideburns... nor is it of that same guy clean-shaven to look like Mr. Clean.


It is a photo of Coach XL and her National Championship-winning crew...

1989 USRowing Senior Nationals
Senior Women's Four with Coxswain
Bachelors Barge Club

This was, incidentally, the very same regatta at which my own personal "most embarrassing moment" occurred. But that's a story for a different day. And thankfully, there are no pictures of the incident... though they wouldn't be appropriate for this family-friendly blog anyway :P


  1. Did the crew throw you and the coxie in?

  2. They tossed her, but I had a reprieve due to a race in a few minutes myself :)

  3. OH my goodness you are so funny! I love your technical terms to describe that ice cream scooper!! HAHAHA!

  4. Wow. That was fabulous. You know, I have enough kids that I could dress them in fabulous red pants and v-neck sweaters and have my dancers..... I am so very tempted.

    And hello? It's ice cream. Heck, you could do a spoon with ice cream and it would totally work.

  5. What a fun post:)

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    Cassondra / Mama's Passions

  7. first commando now coach what is next? madame President? I am good with that. Me being the white Oprah of blogland and you being the President.

    Ice cream....I miss Ice cream.
    how can something related to ice cream be weak?...

  8. I am dying to know this embarrassing moment!

  9. Aloha from Hawaii!!! New follower here via the blog hop.... Hope you're having an amazing weekend!!! :) - http://www.OliviaBlueMusic.com/

  10. The videos are a HOOT!!!!!
    Stopping in with Sundae BlogHop =)

  11. I love the second movie! That dance really is stupid, but it also looks like a great work out!

  12. I am intrigued by this embarrassing moment in the regatta. Hope you are back to running soon.

  13. wow! That's yummy ice creams and fun watching the videos. lol

    Looks like an enchanting team at the end of this post picture.


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