05 July 2011

Granny's Gadgets #25, a bike ride and GIANT kites!!!

So I'm a little late with our gadget this week...you should now by now that I am that person who is annoyingly 3 to 5 minutes late pretty much all the time. Sorry. It's how I was raised. It's an issue I struggle with and endeavor to correct, but I no longer beat myself up about it... unless it makes me miss a plane or something :P

How many de-followers can I get for that one?  ;-)  I'll let those of you who stay know tomorrow.

My post-Apocalyptic training run on Sunday and my wonderful, sunshiny-with-a-cool-breeze-blowing recovery bike ride yesterday filled most of my free time the last couple of days, leaving just a minute (literally) to film the gadget in action but no time to download it and post it. My sincere and humble apologies to all four of you who expect a new gadget video every Monday.

My bike ride was just what I needed after that cataclysmic ordeal on Sunday. It was the total opposite... cool, calm, breezy, easy and fun! I rode for longer than I have in over a decade... a whopping hour. My butt didn't hurt until the very end. I did get a flat tire somewhere around these awesome kites at my turnaround, but the tires are fat, sturdy mountain bike tires and there did appear to be a little bit of inflation going on, so I just kept going since I was headed home anyway.

You can see the people on the ground for size comparison...
yes, the tiny white dots under the big yellow kite...
these kites are HUGE.

I returned home from this beautiful morning ride to a house humming with activity... my husband is so amazing... he had these kids working! Laundry, cooking, cleaning disastrous rooms... it was incredible and so needed and so appreciated :)

Usually I wait until the kids are in bed to do the filmwork... whether a gadget or a barefoot outdoor activity... but tonight I had my intricate dinner prep filmed 'cuz I used the gadget in real life!

Here it is:

And if you want to know who is screaming in the background...

it's a new phase.

It can't end soon enough.


  1. Bike rides and kites, doesnt get much better then that

  2. Funny how they love to hear their little voices! My daughter just has tiny outbursts so far...hope she doesn't get carried away! :)

  3. Oh thank heaven I am done with THAT phase! You are a good woman, I think I would have beat some children with that strainer! :)

    Holy crap that's a big kite....awesome!

    I have not had a chance to read off of the long report from yesterday (stop posting so often!! :) but will this evening!

    Happy Tuesday!

  4. Oh my gosh, those kites are HUGE!! And your screamer is really cute :)

  5. The last time I saw that gadget was at my grandma's. You nailed it.

  6. love these kites!!!

    hey doesn't this look like the gadget from France


  7. That kite is AMAZING! I want one so bad!! I'm not even sure how something like that can fly.

  8. should NOT have watched that with Dash. He can recreate her pitch perfectly.thanks

  9. WHOA, those kites are amazing!!

    I tagged you on my blog today! Go check it out!

  10. I'm amazed at your ability to take a video and not get your face in it. But, I guess you got your lady bits, so that is a win!

  11. Granny's Gadget looks like something from 'Children of the Corn'...!

  12. Wow...those kites are huge! And, quite the screamer!

  13. That scream made me laugh out loud!! Hilarious (but probably makes you want to stick bamboo shoots under your fingernails). I actually LOVE that gadget and think I want to buy one--anything to have one less than thing to clean! That little gadget can go in the dishwasher and no more washing the colander. Sounds fabulous :) Thank you for sharing that with us at Rub Some Dirt On It!


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