21 July 2011

Even MORE than you wanted to know... with even MORE answers

Here we are again... in exposé mode.

In case you are late to the game, we are playing Q & A and it all started here... so click on that if you want to see all the questions as they were asked.

Once all the questions were asked, I began answering. Some of these questions have really forced introspection, while others have made me question the asker's sanity! The first round of answers are here... so click on that if you want to know things like who my celebrity crush is, where I stand on spanking, what size jeans I wear, and to see my triathlon video again.

Then I tackled Caroline's questions... that woman is going to be the next Oprah (darn it... I was hoping to nab that vacancy)... so click on her name to find out what I want for my kids, if I breastfed them, why I run at night, what my tattoo looks like and much, much more. Adam also got some answers... mostly 'NO.'

Today, the interrogation continues... and we're not done yet. The final installment will be a video... oooo cool, you say... but it means you'll have to look at my face :P

Here we go:

Jess THE Blonde Ponytail (aka Private Chafe) had the following:

Does eating a slice of bread make you want to punch someone? :) She is, of course, referring to my gluten-free lifestyle. No punches are usually thrown, but foods containing gluten make me very, very "reactive."

Do you wipe from the front to back, reverse or not-at-all? the right way.

Who would play you in a movie?  (Laima asked this one, too!) I'd like to give the role to Jodie Foster. I think she is a wonderful actress and is the right age, but she's too short and flat-chested.

The Manly Runner could initially only muster these questions for me... so disappointing...

How in the heck do you keep up on reading and writing Blogs with 10 kids? I can't with one. (Laima has 4 kids, but she also asked this question) The older six are 19 through 31 and don't live here. So there are only 4 kids in the house. I don't get much sleep.

If you had to drive across the country and could only bring one CD what would it be? Assuming I would not be traveling with my kids and it is not a mix CD, I would have to bring just the Sound of Music soundtrack because I could sing along to every song, pretending I was in the Austrian Alps... I would have gone crazy from listening to the same thing over and over again anyway... why not have it happen listening to Julie Andrews and those cute kids?

(of course, he DID come back with more... those will be in the video)

His boyfriend, Kovas, wanted to know

Fidel or Stalin? Dude, yeah... Fidel all the way. He had a nice smile and let me hug him. A sweetheart.

North Dakota or South? Aren't those badlands in South Dakota? I want those... so South.

Who let the dogs out? I think it must've been the neighbor's kids.

What you gon' do with all that junk?/All that junk inside your trunk? Clearly you've mistaken me for someone else... I have no trunk.

Why you sleepin' with ya eyes closed? I tried it with them open – it didn't work out so well.

Should I stay or should I go now? You should go unless you can come up with more compelling questions!

Patrick from The Road had these equally inspired and inspiring questions...

Do you think the chicken crossed the road just to get to the other side or is it a small part in some sort of government cover up? I think it was all part of that Carmageddon thing. That chicken was working for the contractor.

Are we alone in the Universe or is there life on other planets? Gary Coleman, Phyllis Diller... we are NOT alone.

James Taylor or Neil Young? No thanks :)

What do you think the success rate (as a percentage) was for successfully executed wild west gun fights? "Successfully executed" is defined as a gunfight that ends with at at least one participant down for good. My best guesstimate would be somewhere between 78 and 92% ... but really, I have no idea.

Julie was curious about:

How do you deal with rotten Mom moments? I remind myself of a quote from I think it was a Cary Grant film that I am so annoyed I can't remember the name of. It goes something like this..."I take consolation in the fact that never in the history of mankind has any parent ever done the job 'right.'" Man, I wish I could remember that movie and the exact quote. I usually apologize after a cooling off period and give hugs and kisses and loving reassurances.

Both of my boys have the same sarcastic "wit" that I do, do your children "get you" and follow in your steps? For the most part, my kids 'get' me. They are all pretty sharp and sharp-witted. As they gain experience and confidence, I do believe they will one day be able to banter with the best. 

If you had to read only 2 blogs from now on whose would you read? Definitely Catey's. Her Random Thoughts From the Zoo is what finally helped me get the courage to try running again and got me interested in blogging about it. I *heart* Catey :)

H Love wanted to know:

How many times a day do you think about running? anywhere from not at all to several... all over the map!

Where do you find strength, and no I don't want to know how far you can run or how many push ups you can do. I derive a great deal of strength from knowing I have lived through my past experiences. The trials, tribulations and joys of my life all strengthen my resolve to carry on, live life as fully as I can and deepen my faith in what I'll call 'the process'.

Do you brush your teeth before breakfast, sex, or running? Almost always before breakfast but not necessarily before the other two... spontaneity and all that.

Run with Jess  had food-related questions:

What's the oldest thing buried at the back of your fridge/freezer? HA! I just found some mustard that has an August 2002 expiry date! We have moved with this mustard in tow! Holy moley! Of course I put it back in :P 

Your favorite breakfast?  Gluten-free banana-blueberry pancakes that my husband makes for me!

BDD mastered the inane...

If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends? How do you think she GOT popular?

Do penquins have knees? Yes, and little bitty kneepads for when they play volleyball.

How does aspirin find the headache? First, it corrects your spelling mistakes...

If teflon is stick free, how do they get it to stick to the pan? It doesn't know a life outside of the pan, so it sticks around out of fear.

When someone yells "headsup!!" why does everyone duck? For the same reason that when someone yells "catsup!!" everyone holds out their hot dog... conditioning.

And S who blogs at footbeats wanted to know...

Plugs or Pads and why? pads are a bulky, sticky, icky mess akin to diapers. Plus... you need to wear underwear to effectively use them ;-)

Have you ever had to change the above during a race? If yes, details. No... fortunately. Only had those issues in training!

Whats the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you during a race (assuming a "no" answer to above)?  other than crashing and burning in my first marathon and full-on peeing in my pants in a marathon relay, nothing during a running race. Rowing is a different story.

The next installment will be the last and, as I said above, will feature video responses to questions from the following valued readers:

Laurie from The (Mis)Adventures of a Jogging Stroller Mom
Noemie... who is my friend in real life and I can't believe she never asked me this stuff in person!
Sandra from Absolutely Narcissism who is in serious training for fitness model competitions... she is so beautiful and fit already!
Lisa who has an unobtainable profile
Jennifer from Chase-ing the Dream
Beth from Shut Up and Run
And Chris K's shame-induced follow-up.

See you then!

And you'll see me :)


  1. Gary Coleman and Phyllis Dyller! Loved your answer to that one!

  2. I believe the chicken crossed the road because he was stapled to the punk rocker.

    Could the Cary Grant movie be "Houseboat?"

    In my dreams ChrisK is my boyfriend! (Notice I didn't say good or bad dreams...) Alycia, you have nothing to worry about.

  3. Bahahaha! Penguins and knee pads for VB!

    I can't wait to share a van with you and your wit! A BLAST!!

    The Boy Toys (CK and Kovas) need to move closer to each other. The long distance relationship makes me sad.

  4. Yeah, well, like I said, I was really tired when I originally submitted my horrible, boring, awful, disappointing, embarrassing two small & lame questions. Are you harder on me than my g.f. Alycia and b.f. Kovas combined. I'm looking forward to your apology in the video.

  5. And thanks for no twitter shoutout too. Now I'm disappointed. :-)

  6. Now I want to know your embarrassing rowing moment.

  7. Well, if I didnt have that headache, I would have spelled it correctly

  8. Love your answers. You never fail to amuse. :)

  9. ha ha! You have me laughing out loud with this one! You got some great and funny questions and you answer them with such wit. The heads up one...ha ha. And Kovas with Who let the dogs out...you didn't miss a beat. And I know you're the real deal since you had me laughing out loud when I met you. Yak ball hair...who knew????

  10. Love this. Learned a ton about u. And thanks for calling me "valued". Cannot wait to see the video response!!

  11. Hey it's me, the white Oprah, clearly after today I do not have a future in TV!!!
    No thanks to James Taylor? What?
    I am crying a little

  12. Don't any of you have jobs? You and your blogs and your jokes and your yoga pants. Talk to the hand, honey.

  13. Yeah, seriously! You ladies are SO wasting my and Fat Mom's time MAKING us read all your posts! Man, I've got better things to do, yet I have sit here and read on and on! And I can't even avert my eyes and get on with my life! How annoying! ;-)

  14. Suffice it to say I am NOT coming to your house for dinner any time soon after hearing about that fridge! ; )

    I like that parenting quote--gonna make that my mantra!

  15. Awww...you totally just made my day! :)
    Love the Cary Grant quasi-quote. And your fridge is officially worse than mine!

  16. Great answers! I like the answer to "plugs or pads"--now I know why your name is Commando! :-)

    I did not realize that my profile was inaccessible. Thank you for pointing that out to me.

    And I haven't forgotten that you tagged me. I am now back from vacation and will play the game.

  17. Hahah, this is great! Unfortunately the video post isn't loading for me and my stupid slow internet connection. Hey, I am trying to vote for you on Circle of Moms, but can't figure out how? I feel so dumb!


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