04 July 2011

Random Stuff and Winner Announced


And if you aren't American... well, have a great day anyway :)

The winner of the Williams-Sonoma gift card is....


She was chosen at random by assigning a number to each entry and then randomly walking up to my husband and asking him to give me a number between 1 and 92, inclusive. He chose #87 which corresponded to Amber :)

Congrats to Amber and a huge thank you to all who played :)  Amber, give a shout via email (see sidebar) as to where you want this card sent.

And here's the random stuff...

Our city does fireworks on the 3rd... dad took the older kids while I stayed home with the little one...this is what I could see from our front yard

I have a fascination with topiary... even if it's just balls and not animals...
this was across the street from a friend's house.

I wish I could fall asleep in the car and look this comfy.
Something I'll need to practice for the Hood to Coast Relay :P

 I really wanted to see what my butt looked like in these jeans...
but someone needed to use the bathroom before I could get a good shot :P

Later today I'll be posting about the run that I intended to dominate but instead ate me alive :(  So many awesome lessons learned ... as is usually the case with painful experiences :P

how do you like my stars and stripes?


  1. I always wonder about the people who own houses with an abundace of topiaries, obviously they're a lot more odd then I am!! ;) That one is pretty cool.

    Jeans are looking pretty dang good!! Who wears jeans in the middle of the summer though? Topiary people I guess.

    Happy, Happy 4th!!!

    I survived my bike ride. Barely. My legs were TRASHED. I also got stung by a bee in my jaw about mile 5. The sucker got stuck in my strap of my helmet. OUCH!!

  2. sorry, not fixing the typos, I'm sitting in the bathtub with my laptop to the side...

  3. Look at your cute lil butt in those jeans! Nice but isn't it a little hot for jeans?

    Hope you have a great 4th of July!

  4. Jill and Christy - this is northern Cali (Bay Area) perennial home to fog; where jeans and a t-shirt/blouse is standard attire from January through December.

  5. Bummer about the run..... GIRL, THOSE JEANS WERE MADE FOR YOU...they look amazing! I wish I could sleep easier in the car too...think of all the cat naps we could fit into our days! LOVE that you can see the fireworks from your front yard!

  6. Love the trees and the randomness and the jeans.


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