23 June 2011


I want to thank all seven people who participated in my giveaway... you all rock and know a good deal when you see one ;-)

The winner of Catch Me If You Can is danny who blogs over at A Quest for Running Perfection. Congrats to you, danny... the smartest running blogger in my blogroll. And the only one who had a really good law-breaking life-experience... that he was willing to share ;-) If you have never visited his blog, you ought to ... he puts such a different twist on things. Going from my blog to his is like going from Twinkies to brown rice and grilled fish with a side of spinach. Go there and you'll see what I mean.

The runner-up prize of that Baby-Ruth-in-the-swimming-pool classic, Caddyshack, goes to Jennifer from Chase-ing the Dream. She is a super smart mom who even reads books!  Someday I will read a book again, too.

So that was the first announcement.

The second one is this...

I want to thank the people at Nuun for realizing that a nun running at noon really needed to be on their team. Yes, I was selected (the crowd cheers), along with a slew of other amazing women bloggers. You can check out the whole list here....

just click on it...

While I am very excited, I am also very nervous. Not so much about the running but about the whole rest of it... What if they hate me? I'm not kidding. You like me... that's why you're here reading this... theoretically. But there really are people who don't like me. I am abrasive and obnoxious. What you get here is a miniscule glimpse into how I am in real life. Scary, right? Soooo... nervous and a little anxious.

The third thing I want to announce is a parent thing... a stay-at-home-parent thing... only they will probably get the magnitude of this announcement.

I just signed my 3 older kids up for camp for two weeks!  Starting Monday! Woooo hooooo! and during their second week, my 2-year old will start preschool two mornings a week!  Woooooo HOOOOOOO!!!!  I know parents always say this... and we mean it.... I love my kids, but I am so looking forward to a little break :)

It'll be like Moms Gone Wild for three and half hours on both July 5th and 7th. Please give me some suggestions of what to do... it has been so long. I am worried that I will just sit in the minivan outside of the preschool, speechless and immobilized by the overwhelming feeling of freedom. And by the time I snap out of it, it'll be too late to do something.

I am thinking... running in the daytime.... oooooooo......


  1. Abrasive and obnoxious eh!!! Yep, I would like you:)

    Congrats on the Nuun dealio!

    Moms gone wild!! Mini van margaritas on July 5th! Make a video:)

  2. I promise I won't hate you!! I can be obnoxious too and I like abrasive, it makes things more interesting!!

  3. You really deserve to be on the team and they will LOVE you, I will if I get to run anyway :)

    Have fun while the kids are at camp

  4. Super duper congratulations!!!!! With your free time, you must do something that can only be done sans children.

    Some ideas include: 1) visiting an antique china shop while carrying a hot cup of coffee in one hand and a sword in the other 2) going to a silent day spa and eating sushi while three people simultaneously massage your feet and legs or 3) sleeping.

  5. ok dear
    first: I did not participate because I have the DVDs. good reason right.

    two: are you kidding? of course they will like you! Please! you are the gadget gal AND world class triathlete!

    Mommy time: I GET IT. If I could put that in bold and in red I would. I GET IT. I have 11 days of free kid time this summer. 5 are gone already and I spent them cleaning my yard and house and planning my sons 7th bday coming up this Monday. I did watch 2 movies, ALONE and I ran outside. So far that is the only thing I have done for me. Tomorrow is day 6 and I have more stuff to do for the bday.
    On the other days running outside is a must and then I dont know...

  6. Free time? Sans kids? Whats that? Seriously, I would have no clue what to do with it either. The very few free moments I have I usually end up cleaning only because its the only time I know kids won't follow around behind me destroying EVERYTHING I just cleaned. But its hardly satisfying ME time...

  7. If it was me having a "Moms Gone Wild" day, I would drink as much Nuun as I could handle and then run back and forth across the Golden Gate Bridge. But you can really do anything that you want after you've had some Nuun, so feel free to get creative. Nuun - The leading low calorie electrolyte drink for Moms who go wild.

  8. I was thinking run during the daylight might be pretty exciting for you!

    Congrats on making the nuun team.

  9. LOL!!! Moms Gone Wild!!!

    Congrats on making the team

    I was riding with a friend who applied for the relay as well, she was talking about the same concerns as you, in a round about way

  10. Fresh steamed brown-rice, waiting at the wharf for the fisherman to bring in the catch of the day, cutting some greens out of the garden - my favorite meal!

    ...Just remember to top it off with a 1/3 of cheesecake.


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