11 June 2011

Spent the week going in circles...

Running-haters, click out now or be prepared to be bored ;-) ... the cute kids post will follow shortly!

This week was my first official week of training for that half-marathon I've gone and entered. So far, it's been super easy. hahahhahahaha! But that's because it's only the first week!

The complete plan is still in the development stage, but this first week has happened so there'll be no changing it :P  Well, after I run 6 miles tomorrow it'll have happened.

Lots of long days and lots of momming kept my working out to the nighttime routine... which meant laps inside The Gate. Tuesday and Thursday were running days... 30 minutes each day and both days that translated into 3.2 miles. Both runs were super fun... and I did learn that our development's enormous skunk has a baby! And this week I realized that they come out pretty much right at 9 o'clock every night.

Monday and Friday were 30 minutes on the bike... at night, yes. On Friday I hit nary a blue bump! My bottom is so happy :)

I did swim a lap on Tuesday... sort of. It was not a continuous lap, so I guess I can't log it as a workout ;-)

The intensity does step up next week. I am kind of scared. Summer vacation has started. This means my kids are home ALL. DAY. EVERY. DAY. And that means my energy by the end of the day is pretty low. I may try getting MY things done in the mornings before my husband goes to work.  Yeah... that sounds like it could work. But that means I will need to go to bed earlier than 12:30. But if I am not working out until 10 or 11, that might be possible!

Sooooo... who's in for Long Beach?  :)  It is supposed to be a great course and a fun race... and since I will be there, you KNOW it will be fun :D  Come on... you know you wanna!

Are you a morning workout person or an end-of-the-day workout person? Or do you have other options?


  1. Yay for training! I'm a mid day person if I had my first choice but then I'd take evenings and that is when I have to fit things in usually. But early mornings....uggh!! No Thank you! :) Oh, and I thought the women in the back of the boat was you...off to see if I was right.

  2. Will you be adding a similar disclaimer to your other posts so the cute kid haters can opt out before they get bored?

    I'm turning in to a morning person. First off, I think it's best to train when you race, to teach your body that it will need to get it's lazy ass out of bed and charged up earlier than it used to. That said, I do enjoy swimming and the weight room a little bit on the late side.

  3. I prefer to run in the early mornings. It is cooler then, and I get to come home and make a big pot of coffee, relax, and eat. That said, I will be trying to get up with the sun and get out before it gets too late so that I don't have to kill an entire day with a 16 miler.

  4. I guess I should have listened to your warning. I am so NOT a runner. Oh well. Good on you though.

  5. OK-backreading again! Fun to hear you talk about training!! Blue bump-ha! Man, I struggle with morning running. I can work out at the gym but I just can't run these days first thing. My off days I like to run at 10 am or on my work days at 6 pm but that cuts into my family time which I vowed not to do. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that I NEVER go to bed before 12:30 either:) You'll make it work! Excited to follow you with this!!

  6. Long Beach! you know I am there..it is paid, I am there even though it will be the day after a concert I will be there!

    I am a morning runner for sure.
    well late morning...like 9 am

  7. Hey,
    new here, but just wanted to say you will love Long Beach! It was our first full marathon 3 years ago, and we are running the full again this year. It is a very fun course, lots of entertainment and crowds and cheering people along the course. Plus it's just a beautiful course all on its own. The expo is great too, as is the kids run (its free and they get great medals!) You may enjoy checking out chicrunner.com, she is one of the race organizers and occasionally blogs about how things are coming along for the race.
    When mommyhood is taking its toll and training gets rough, just know that it will be worth it in the end!

  8. I have to work out first thing in the morning or it doesn't happen. I love getting up at 4:30 or 5:00 for a run or a bike ride. When I get home and shower, the house is still asleep. This works great during the school year, when I have to get myself to work. Now that it's summer, I sleep an extra hour and work out closer to 6 (the house is usually still asleep when I get home!)


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