21 June 2011

My little heart-attack...

In addition to her mad passion for running anywhere and everywhere, Miss C also is a jumper.

I gave you all a glimpse of my little daredevil for the first time back in January. And then I showcased her "progress" a few weeks back.

She continues to freak me right the heck out push her limits daily. And now that she is uncontainable, the stairs are her favorite "playground."

She will be jumping out of planes one day...

  • did you see just how much cheesecake I have eaten since Saturday? Before... After...
  • tomorrow I find out if my noon-running nun gets picked by Nuun for their Hood-to-Coast Relay team... I'm on the edge of my seat.
  • I'm running a great giveaway featuring a very fun movie :) nothing like a little mindless fluff...
  • Sunday was Father's Day... mine featured these three guys!
  • in Rockin' the Bump see how incredible the elasticity of human skin is ... well, until it isn't... so no after pics :P


  1. I kind of wish there was no indecision between step 3 and 4 and she just went for it.

  2. Too funny! My 2 year old loves stairs too. Though I have to say she hasn't jumped like that yet!

  3. Our kids are all crazy with a whole lot of common sense thrown in, so it's a loud roar then a jump from coffee table to couch (not far).

  4. I like that she wasn't happy with the first landing, and had to redo it just to stick it before moving on to the next thing.

  5. AHHH SO SO CUTE!!! Is it weird that I do the same thing....before the stress fracture I was jumping 7 stairs:) I really love your videos, they always brighten my day!

  6. There's gotta be some sort of college scholarship material you can get out of her.

  7. Ooooh yes I think Jill's onto something. Maybe the dive team. I'm your sister in cake, except I'm working on birthday cake. Mmmmm cheesecake!

  8. LOL!My youngest is a total daredevil and is a total forgiveness not permission kid. I see loads of scrapes and bumps in her future but I admire her fearlessness.

  9. Ohmygosh, my heart skipped a beat when she went up to the fourth stair! Glad she came back down. :)

  10. What a funny video! I remember all the fun we used to get up to on the stairs as kids! kinda sad our house now is all on one level - my kids get so excited when we go to someone's house who has stairs!!! Not often here in Cairns!!

    Just stopped by from a Wednesday blog hop. I’m following you now and hope you’ll stop by my blog sometime too! Have a lovely week.
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  11. Kids like that are a real health hazard. For moms.

  12. Thank you for reminding me how happy I am that I don't have stairs in my house :) I don't even think I have the courage to jump that many steps, actually, my knee hurts just thinking about it, lol.

  13. Yes, but she is smart enough to know her limit. That's a good thing. I have one that jumps first and then while in the air decides if it was a good or bad idea. (10 years later she is now a national champion, on a national sports team and just back from a 1 year injury). I decided a long time ago that for us, it was easier to give her safe outlets than try and stop her.
    BTW - she is really cute :)


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