27 June 2011


So I lost another two followers.

It was to be expected.

The other day, I did that very same thing... de-followed a couple of blogs.

I follow so many and really want to do a good job of keeping up... which I don't always do. I really want to. I want to read everyone and leave involved comments for everyone and have everyone know how much I appreciate that they are there, putting themselves out there for the world to see. The ones I de-followed were ones with tons of followers already (like over 500) that are mostly giveaways or reviews of baby items (which I no longer need) or ones that have seemed inactive for months. The numbers were just getting a little overwhelming for me.

I was better at this before summer vacation started. Four kids all up in my kool-aid all day long makes it hard. But... ha-HA... I enrolled them all in camp for the next two weeks... except the baby. Here's hoping I'll get back on it :)

I did check, and all the cool people are still here ;-)

Thanks, everyone, for hanging in with me!

In case you missed a few posts over the weekend:


  1. You may have lost two...but you gained at least one! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my "jumper" incident.

    I've been catching up on what you're all about and I like what I see (and not just because you're local). :-) Maybe we could run together some time (though I fear you are MUCH faster than I am...)

    Take care!

  2. You can't get rid of me!!! I recently weeded out my list too, I follow so many myself, but I really do love to read them!!! I think I may have already told you about VoiceBoks, and no, they do not pay me! But, it really is a great commuinty of women, since I know you have all the time in the world, drop by if you ever get a minute!! VoiceBoks.com/community
    The summer is going to be more challenging for me to with the darlings home!! Anyway, I always love my visits to your site! Take care!

  3. I won't take a dump on you! ;) he he!!

    Love that pic! Is that one of your kiddos???

  4. people who de-follow you just because you un-followed them are the same people who just want millions of followers and don't care about content...

    soooo really...they did you a favor..the rest of us actually care about what you write about =)

  5. Don't worry about it. I've been doing exactly that...'un-following' those that have a million followers and don't really post any content I find interesting or useful. I'm pretty sure those blog owners don't really read my posts anyway, so nothing truly lost right? I think sometimes we really have to de-clutter to be able to focus on the things that truly matter to us :-))

  6. I delete anyone who hasn't posted in 3 months...because to me that's the blog cutoff! Sorry my comments have been MIA, I do read all of your entries and I enjoy your blog a lot.

  7. I finally stopped checking who follows me and got rid of the little widget thing on my sidebar because I would get so sad every time I lost a follower, trying to figure out what I did to chase them away... then I decided I didn't care if I had followers or not and it was my blog and I would write what I wanted to. That being said, it's definitely their loss. I'd follow you anywhere, even if I don't always comment. :)

  8. It's their loss if they unfollowed you. Hey you didn't unfollow me did you? Lord knows I'm giveaway crazy. Have a great week!

  9. Ha! No, Marcia! I wouldn't leave you…you're too fun :) and it's the baby stuff giveaways and reviews I don't really need anymore. Your stuff I can usually use :P

  10. Hey, I lost two people this week too! I should really clean up my blog roll too, but too busy finding the time to catch up reading!

  11. I"m still here! still reading and laughing. But suck at commenting these days. Overwhelmed. :)

  12. I lost a few too....the thing is, either my laptop is a piece of shit or something is up with blogger because I cannot see anyone's followers on the sidebar, including mine. I feel horrible because I cannot even sign up to follow someone who has recently followed me.

    Anyhoo...we have talked about this and I concur, reading and commenting in summer more difficult for me since I'm not plastered to my computer like I am at work all day. I guess if one thing good has come from this sucky pulled rib muscle it's that I'm on my computer more! :)

  13. I need to clean house too! And, I've got to figure out how to master my Google Reader. I feel awful when I can't comment and stay up with e-mails as good as I'd like. My work only continues to get more intense between now and October. Yuck.

    I'm not sure if I responded to you earlier or not, but the acupuncturist is going to try me on a few herbs, just not sure when and how. She says she doesn't think my problem is a blood issue (???) but thinks a few herbs may still help. Who knows. But, I totally enjoyed the needle treatment! It might be my addiction like some people get addicted to tattoos. ;-)

  14. it was not me
    I promise
    see still here
    will not leave
    you will have to block me....

  15. You lost me, but didn't. I'm cleaning up my newsfeed and I've stopped following blogs that I've got listed on my blog. I see no need in having you in both places and having you on my blog is way more important to me. :)

    Sorry if I'm jacking with your numbers though...

  16. I click the follow button but I've never actually figured out the whole RSS feed thing. I'm not kidding. I go to the physical blog and read it and leave comments that way. I have a list in my favs, broken down by category (craft blog, personal blog, parent blog, food blog, homeschool blog, etc) and then I open the list and go through them. I don't go to every one every day, that would take HOURS that I don't have. I make it through one list every couple of days or so. I do have a few favs I visit, but even those are only a couple of times a week (if that). All of this to say, don't feel bad! I'm a bad blogger too. I often have this idea of blogging something and then I'll realize I'm too tired to bother.

  17. you're welcome (wink)
    I do know how you feel. I read, I try to write comments all the time. But I run out of time everyday, so I usually just read.

  18. SO FUNNY! I lost 2 followers this weekend too AND this is the 2nd blog I visited that said the same thing happened to them. Maybe it's the same 2 people and they've left blogosphere because let's be honest...Our Blogs are too awesome to ever un-follow, lol. Good Luck trying to get rid of me too, anyone who goes late night swimming in a skirt is a friend of mine forever!

  19. Summer makes it so hard to keep up. My boys are currently running around the living room, pretending to shoot each other... with their butts. B/c their butts are powerful laser beams. SIGH.

  20. Well, I'm glad you didn't dump me-ha!

    Not the best commenter in blogland with my schedule these days but I sure do enjoy reading. Off to check out your sweaty horns or whatever that post was!


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