15 June 2011

A little something for everyone...

Yesterday was supposed to be Try It Tuesday... so let's pretend that my "try it" was checking out what it would be like to run in a nun suit with nunnish shoes on... so you can go see how that all went down by checking out yesterday's post here... which is also serving as my entry into the Nuun Hood to Coast Relay team contest.

And, for the record, I did already have that nun suit. It is a real nun dress. A REAL one. No, I was not a nun before I became a mom. I got the dress at a thrift store and used it as a Halloween costume over 20 years ago. And I knew it would come in handy someday. It pays to be a hoarder ;-)

Instead, last night ended up being Tempo Tuesday.

On the docket for this new training plan was:  2 miles easy busting into 3 miles at "mid tempo" pace easing off into 1 mile easy... 6 miles total. The target paces were supposed to be 10:10-10:20/mile for the easy part and 8:55/mile for the mid tempo part.

The reality:

2 miles easy  in 19:50   (9:55 pace)

3 miles "mid tempo" done in FOUR loopty-loops, each being 0.75 miles...

  • lap one   at  pace  8:49
  • lap two   at  pace  8:47
  • lap three at  pace  8:40
  • lap four  at  pace  8:39
Total of 3 miles (remember each lap is three-quarters of a mile) in 26:10.88  which is an average of 8:44/mile. 

1 mile easy in 10:20.

Pretty close... 

But I am realizing that as soon as the numbers have relevance and are what is being paid attention to, I start second-guessing everything. 

I need to stop that. 

I need to just do and not think.

At least when it comes to running and numbers :P

And for those who find the running junk super boring... and weren't thoroughly entertained by the running nun video... I give you this....

This morning, Miss C somehow disappeared from the breakfast table.
And so did her plate.

Apparently, she preferred dining al fresco this morning...
I found her in the backyard with her plate in the wagon,
happily eating her pancakes.

La musique will be coming shortly... so go ahead... hold your breath :)

Just kidding. About holding your breath.


  1. I thought this post title read "Backyard Breastfeeding," I was intrigued...I think nursing is taking over my brain!

  2. I swear she would have preferred that…and after the nursing ab workout I'm not surprised you thought it said that!

  3. Thank you for the sweet comment! Can't wait to start catching up on your blog! :o)

  4. I find it very easy to relax into swimming and biking...paying attention to the numbers all the while. For some reason running is hard for me. I know it's a mental hard because I know what my body is capable of...with running though sometimes it's hard to remind myself! Good Luck!

  5. BAHAHAHAHA!!! I forgot what I was going to write after reading Ashleys comment

  6. backyard breakfasts....sounds like a new trend about to be started!! =)


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