06 June 2011

Granny's Gadgets #22 ... get that shortcake ready

Kind of tough to follow up last week's big caipirinha party... but it is Monday night, so it's time to gadget...

If you listen closely and pay attention to what I am saying, you might pick up on my amazing multilingualness... pretty freakin' awesome, eh?

So yeah, not only can I hull strawberries like a pro (here I was thinking I was just rrrripping the tops off, come to find out I am hulling), I can also count to a hundred in FIVE languages... maybe I'll treat you to a video of that biz someday :P

Tomorrow's video will not be me counting ... in fact, be prepared to get wet!

Or I should anyway.

If you missed the People magazine thing... don't worry... just click HERE... it's still there :)

And if you missed how it is possible to get your ab workout in while nursing your child... you've gotta check THIS one out. Welcome to "no excuses" fitness... hahahaha!


  1. That thing sucks!! Just sayin'.

  2. More Boogie Nights light posts, please.

  3. yeah...i've tried working my abs while nursing...it's hard...but not impossible.

  4. I can always count on you for pure entertainment

  5. I'm working on my abs while nursing a Captain and Coke, right now!!! I just use a knife, or make the kids do the "fun" part while I get the rest of the dessert put together.

  6. I need one of these! I hate taking the tops of strawberries off!!


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