23 June 2011

What chafes you?

Inconsiderate drivers really chafe me.

Surly store clerks and rude café baristas.

The incessant whine I hear daily about having dessert... after every. single. meal.... even breakfast. WTH?

People talking during movies... definite chafe.


Six miles chafes me.

Right at six, I get that burning, ut-oh feeling.

I know, nice pit-shot... little 5 o'clock shadow going on there...
and my awesome scar...

Why does this happen?  I know some wiseacre is going to say something about friction and rubbing, but I have really skinny arms. If my muscles were bigger would that help? If my arms were any scrawnier (is that possible?) would that help? Closer shave maybe? And why is it only on the right side? Could I be swinging my arms weirdly when I run? I can't even figure out what it's rubbing against. Nothing? Itself? It really hurts.

I have a chafing issue in another place... sorry, no picture... but I've figured out that a band-aid or even just a piece of tape fixes that one.

This must be where all that body lube stuff comes in handy.

What chafes you?


To celebrate being selected by the Nuun people to participate in their Hood to Coast Relay team, I found another bizarre music video... worth that extra click over to YouTube.  What one has to do with the other, we may never know. But it is more strange than my running nun video...

I swear that wet-faced guy is Rob Lowe.

But I could be wrong.

And while you're taking in Air... hahahhahahahahaahhaha!.... ask yourself the question "why?"

Why what?

I don't know... that's for you to decide.


  1. Back to school catalogs in June chafe me.
    Congrats on making the Nuun team! Crazy fun!

  2. I have a shirt that chafes me like that on long runs, every now and then I forgot about that and wear it. OUCH!

  3. Is it an open sore? If it's more of a dry/chafed area, you might want to try Arnica Gel on it. I have to give myself daily injections and the gel helps with soreness and bruising. Otherwise, you should talk to your physician about it - it may need some special cream or something. Hope it gets better soon!

  4. You know what chafes me? People who walk one way but look in an entirely different direction as they are walking. What on earth? And even though YOU can see them coming and try with all your might to miss them they still end up bumping into you when they decide to turn their head to see where they are going. I really hate that.

    And I also hate making lunches for 4 kids who all hate one thing or another. This really burns my butt.

  5. I second the talking in the movie thing! I hate that! Congratulations on getting the spot in the relay!!

  6. Judgemental people who make others feel bad about themselves chafe me.

    Inconsiderate people also do.

  7. Creepy - I have that exact same chafe spot under my arm - and I've never chaffed three before, bleh!!! I guess we just gotta toughen up our arm pits and our crotches ;). Hello Body Glide!

  8. We have to get you some trislide or body glide to take care of that

  9. My chicken leg thighs chaffe me. To the point that I don't have any hair that grows inbetween them. Smooth as a butt. Although, I get that spot under my (decidedly more hairy) arm too.

  10. So awesome! Now I have a few more things to get chafed about! Those catalogs... no kidding! the lunch thing and the not-looking thing! All of the things everyone mentioned... hahahaha! I think we all need some "LifeLube" or something :)

    BDD... will astroglide work?

  11. I wonder if your scar tissue might not be the culprit... is it always at the same spot? Do the 2 line up when you put your arm down?

  12. That always happens on my left side! I have a scar there from a particular bad day. Sport Shield is my friend!

  13. Ha Ha Ha...I truly thougth I was the only one who had to deal with constant requests for dessert. Last night I sarcastically introduced myself to my 7 year old, "Hi, I'm Jen...I'll be playing the part of your mother...dessert is a TREAT!" Seriously! And...I also get a little chafing on my arms when I run...I tracked it down to poorly placed seams on workout tanks and possibly an aggressive arm swing :)

  14. No idea what causes it. We use pawpaw cream on things that look like that. It is a product of Australia. (we live in NZ).


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