18 June 2011

Catch Me If You Can... The Giveaway


You could win this awesome dvd and be really entertained for over 2 hours!

The real story behind this movie amazes me to no end. Yes, it is based on a true story. And sure the guy was a criminal... but what balls... or stupidity ... or I don't know what...

It is the story of a young man (he was 16 when he started committing his crimes) named Frank Abagnale, Jr. on the run. His run lasted 5 years, and it is fascinating.

My favorite part of this dvd... aside from watching Leo... is the behind-the-scenes special features thing where they interview the real guy.

Roger Ebert calls the film "effortlessly watchable". And, while not a spectacular bit of film-making, it is very fun. A lot like my blog.

How can you win this 140-minute bit of fluffy cinematic enjoyment? Read on...

You must be a follower of Taking It On to enter this rrrrrrrrrrrrr-awesome giveaway... it is so awesome it gets a growl. And by simply telling me in a comment that you are a follower and actually being one, you will have a chance to win :)

For additional ways... in other words, to increase your chances... pick from any or all of the following:
  1. tell me how fast you wish you could run... give a time that is a reasonable possibility (not probability, but possibility... like don't say 100 mph)... you pick the distance  (this is only worth one entry) OR
  2. spill the beans on who you wish would catch you ;-) (this one's worth 3 entries) OR
  3. divulge whether or not you do actually like Gotein  (gets you 2 entries) OR
  4. give us a metaphor for your own personal body odor after a really hard workout (1 entry) OR
  5. did you ever break the law... other than a traffic violation or walking out of the corner store with a candy bar as a kid? (if you did, it will get you 5 extra entries into the contest... if you didn't, you get 1 extra)
  6. Tweet your peeps or link to this on your own blog or facebook for one extra entry for each (possible 3 additional opportunities)
All that adds up to 16 chances... wow. And because I am sooooo smart with convoluted things, I can keep track of all that. Remember my timed mile? Right.

N.B.:  you needn't do all or any of these additional things to enter the giveaway... just following gets you a chance. Is that clear?

Leave all of your entries in ONE SINGLE comment, but number them. I can figure out how to split it up from there... I am not anticipating very many participants in this giveaway :P Winner will be chosen at random by some weird random selection method to be determined depending on the number of entries. Giveaway closes on Wednesday June, 22nd  at midnight. Winner will be announced on June 23rd. A runner-up will be selected and will receive a copy of Caddyshack. 

Disclaimer: this dvd was purchased by me at Target...I didn't steal it nor was it given to me. It was super cheap... otherwise I wouldn't be giving it away...but don't take that as an indication of my feelings for you :) 
And in case you missed the Rockin' the Bump awesome baby belly pics (sorry, nipples cropped out) and you want to see them... they really are very cool... just click HERE and you will be transported there.


  1. Well, I already follow you but there's my
    1) I follow you and
    2) I'd like to run an 8 minute mile and someday maybe a sub 4 hour marathon. Although I'm getting old now. I was much younger when I first thought of that goal :)

    I am starting to forget the ways to enter....

    3) I would accept either Justin Timberlake, Matt Damon or Leo DiCaprio as my catchers. For a girl who never dated a blonde guy, I sure do like the blonde guys...

    Love this movie, btw!

  2. omg, leave it to you to make things difficult....

    1) I follow you. Lucky me!
    2) Hum. I don't know. Right now a 9 min/mile would be thrilling for more than a mile, but I used to believe I could run a 3:30 marathon pre-injury - now I don't think so but that'd be my wishful thinking goal pace! :)
    3) I wish I could run with my old running group again. I miss them. So I wish I could catch them.
    4) Broke the law? Does drinking in a cemetary count? I thought about robbing a bank once, does that count?
    5) I'm posting on my blog giveway section. I'm nice like that.
    6) I know these are out of order but I've never tried Gotein before and I'm not rushing out to buy any, but I do love my protein smooties at home and if someone gave me some Gotein, I may like it.

  3. 1) I became a follower today...My lucky day!!! I love contests so the site seems fun already!!!
    2) My wish for how far..a full marathon at some point, I will settle for a half in under 2 hrs, and want to get consistant at under an 8:00 pace.
    3) Have never tried Gotein...would be willing!
    4) After running I smell worse than ....rotten garbage sitting out by the curb, in the sun, forgotten by the trash collector. (I can't even stand myself, pretty gross)
    5) As for breaking the law...if you don't get caught, you didn't really break it right...but I'd say trespassing....I know I've been places...I probably should not have been.
    6) I'll try and post this for FB friends but I don't know if I know how so I may lose points here...but I'll try.
    Thanks for the fun contest!!!!

  4. I need more movies to watch...
    1. Follow.

    2. I would love to have an easy jog/recovery jog time of 70 minutes for 10 miles. Similarly, I would love to race a ten miler at any time of the year in under 60 minutes as well.

    3. This chick I met at the music festival last year, that I overheard whispering, "I think I'm going to go after him." True story. I'm pathetic. :)

    4. Never heard of Gotein, don't plan on knowing about them. (That's not minus points I hope!)

    5. Drove a friend out to the beach with a handgun, so he could blow a hole in the Halloween mask (to make it more realistic) he was making in Art class. Not sure but I think under 18 you're not suppose to have handguns in vehicles or on school campuses (psst it was an old school ball and cap pistol)...And if any officers come knocking on my door I'll never read this blog again!

    6. Blog and FB post.

    That should be around 12-14 entries I think. If I haven't stacked the thing in my favor, then this game is rigged (and I'm putting a 'block' on Blogger and giving it a random password that I don't remember).

  5. PS
    You need one of those FB buttons that I can just click and it goes straight to my wall, or news feed, or whatever the hell you call that crap on FB.

  6. wow..16 chances, huh. Ok, here goes.
    (1)follow you.(2)Wish i could run a 6:30 min mile for a whole 5k...i'd really like an overall female award!(3,4,5)of course, i want my husband to catch me! We're actually on a date right now...kids are gone to Grandma's, we're about to watch a movie..but first i had to check blogs! ;-)(6,7)Never had Gotein..why don't you send me some with my movie and i'll find out if i like it!? (8) My body odor is as strong as a stallion (9)Never broke the law...did get in trouble once for being late to class in high school

    Hmm...i only got to 9 and it's b/c i never robbed a bank...durn it, THAT'S what we should have thought to do on our date night! Man! ;-)

  7. I've seen this movie! It was alright, I thought. It's sweet of you to give one away.

  8. Hi, I...
    1. Follow you

    2. Would like to finish my triathlons running a 10 minute mile

    3. I feel quite certain anyone could catch me :) I'm all about distance, not speed. But just for fun, I'll let the cutie pie I'm married to catch me!

    ...and now I've forgotten the other entry topics...lol. Thanks for the fun give-away!

  9. I love that movie so count me in!

    My PR for a 5K is 29.27. Being that today I am nowhere near that I would be happy to see it again or even break a 34. Getting old and fat sucks!

    Believe it or not, I'd like to see my youngest daughter catch me and pass me. She's not into fitness, but I wish she were.

    While running with the fast folks, I look like the hippo in the stampede scene from Jumanji and smell like him too.

    Wait a minute! What's this about giving extra points for someone breaking the law? Obeying the law is a good thing and should be rewarded more highly than points for criminals!



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