08 June 2011

Musique pour Mercredi....Barbara

Barbara (June 9, 1930 - November 24, 1997).

Such a beautiful voice... tomorrow would be her birthday.


What you may have missed since last mercredi...
The Cure
I entered the Long Beach Half Marathon on 10/9/11 and Miss C's intervals
–That awesome People magazine photo!
–The ab workout for nursing mothers
–ultra cool pool party pics and Miss C running in circles...again
–the Spee-dee Strawberry Huller
blue bumps and bike rides
my new swimsuit


  1. Classically Parisian to sing so beautifully about being lovesick (for a sailor), with that quintessential trill of her Rs. Imagine what it must have been like to hear music like that in an intimate, dimly lit cabaret? Probably very smoky...

  2. I can't believe I missed Try it Tuesday, especially since my name was in print and I was temporarily famous!

    I think the skirt adds some resistance training and is going to make you super strong and kick that rowing chick's butt if you run into her at HTC! So keep at it girl...just wear the contacts next time!

  3. 60's France makes me think of Serge Gainsbourg which makes me think of his daughter Charlotte who has been recording for a few years and is quite good. You should check it out.

    Come to think of it, I can think of 4-5 French artists that are active now that are awesome. And to the one, each is difficult to work with. Shocking, huh?

  4. I don't know that lady. But I've been working my way through your Gadgets series. What a great idea. I also saw your People Mag spread. Now that's freakin' cool.


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