12 June 2011

How to drive the old folks crazy...

If you're here for the stuff on my running... you're late... it's here. Otherwise, enjoy the cute kid stuff and the toddler running clips :)

This girl is 



She looks all adorable and innocent...
not at all like a full-throttle, dancing and running 

Today was my wonderful mother-in-law's 88th birthday! She is such an amazing woman, and I am so very fortunate to get to love my mother-in-law :)  She is the granny of "Granny's Gadgets" fame.

We went to the senior community where she lives to celebrate her birthday. Three of my husband's siblings were there with their spouses and kids, and his brother played music for the residents. The older kids were quite uncharacteristically wonderfully-behaved :) This made Miss C much easier to cope with... and for this I was so very grateful. Let me reiterate... the girl is non-stop.

I shot a series of clips of Miss C in action. I still don't know how to splice it all together, so they are just in a row. The titles printed on the clips are just what I put on when downloading, so they have no relevance to the actual  sequencing of events. I certainly don't expect you to watch all of these (or perhaps any for that matter!). I included so many (and still a mere fraction of what all happened) so you could get an idea of how non-stop this girl is.

She really got into the music in the early going... and danced while she explored the perimeter of the performance area... which included the bathrooms, of course...

After a little dancing, it was time to twirl. Twirling has a similar effect as alcohol... except there are no toxins entering your body, no calories and no hangover... 

Then it was time for an early evening running workout... barefoot, of course, and in a skirt ;-)

really ultra jiggly camera work because I had to run really fast to catch her...

more jiggly stuff that might make you sick, 
but she is super cute when she finally stops!

finally put some shoes on the girl... 
much to the relief of a few very concerned residents :P

And if you missed the training post... and the running is really what you'd rather be reading about... just click here and pretend like none of this other stuff happened :)


  1. How do you keep up?!

    I'm tired just after watching the first video!

  2. Adorable. And tiring. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi from your latest follower. Just calling by from Sunday Blog hops. I can so relate. YOur little girl reminds me so much of my 3 year daughter Jessica. She is very full on.Be sure to check out me out at www.autismconnects.blogspot.com. Sarah

  4. All this plus you're training for a half?! You're a rock star!

  5. I think it is so nice of your daughter that she is helping you in your training!!! Lol!! 2 year olds are such a trip!!! You would have to be a runner to keep up with her!! Lol! Thanks for a fun post!!

  6. She is too much! I think my son will be on the go too. I have no idea how I'll keep and I only have the one to watch! I don't know you do it...and find time to blog!

  7. I like her dress! Perhaps you should take her on a run, so she'll be tired and sits down for a while.

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    Thank you
    Have a blessed week!

  9. I sooo miss this age!!!!! My kids area getting older now and I know it gives me more freedom but my heart really loved that!! :(

  10. Looks like lots of fun! :) Hats off to you for keeping up! I'm a new follower from the hop! I'd love for you to stop by and follow back when you get a moment! I also wanted to invite you to link up to our Super Stalker Sunday Bloghop going on today! Hope to see you there!

    April @ Mama on a Green Mission


  11. totally adorable! :)

    I'm a new follower - PAWS 4 THOR

  12. Baby barefoot running in a skirt!

    She is SO ultra cute. And I want a dress just like that :)


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