02 June 2011

I did it without thinking...

how far away is October 9 in weeks?

I signed up for the Long Beach Half Marathon.

I just clicked the "pay now" button, and I am already having second thoughts.

13.1 miles is almost twice a long as that crazy Bay to Breakers... and there will be no wacky costumes or naked runners to distract me from my pain.

13.1 miles... that is pretty darn close to half as long as some of those marathons some of you people run... the ones that are 26.2 miles anyway ;-)

Even though the summer can seem UNENDING when you have 4 kids at home, I know that fall will be here before you know it... and I will need to have gotten some serious running miles under my belt to take this one on.

Always my inspiration, Miss C is still training. That girl always seems to be able to fit her workout in... here she is doing intervals...

I need to devise a training program ... I wonder if she has some ideas for me?

I know that this time I will be doing some cross-training. I already have incorporated the bike into things... and some dynamic stretching... maybe it's time to hit the pool... bahahahhahaahhahaha!

Oh, and tomorrow I will be showing my "center spread from a popular magazine" as promised on Facebook as a part of finishing in the Top 10 of that AWESOMELY FUN and exciting Circle of Moms contest! So be sure to be on the lookout ;-)

Now, as if it wasn't annoying enough for me to beg you all to vote for me, I am now begging you to vote for my friend, Absolutely Narcissism. Her thing is a one-time vote... none of this over and over again crap... and you can click here to do it. Go check out her site... she is hilarious, and you will see how totally worth it it will be to do this one-time vote for her.


  1. Just do what Miss C does and you're all set for the half!!

  2. Miss C doesn't even know what Bap A Dee means. Ridiculous.

    Also, you rock. I'm so ?excited? about your 1/2 marathon. Are you okay? Bored? ;-)

  3. If you call it a Pikermi, it doesn't seem so far. See you get rid of that name for the race where the first guy to do it died. That is why I am training for a Double Pikermi in October. See, doesn't that sound better? Just get out there and do some LSD's(shouldn't be too hard to find in the Bay area) and some speed drills heck you could even do intervals around your normal loop. You only need to get up to 13 miles a couple of times and you will be good to go.

    Trust me, I play a runner on the Internet.

  4. Good for you, I think it will be awesome. Plus, you'll still be in California, the opportunity for mostly naked people will be quite prevalent. I'm sure you can find ways to distract yourself. ;)

    Miss C, as always, is super adorable.

  5. YAY for the half!! Woohoooo!!!!!!

  6. Good for you! It will be great! :) You know you're excited for it.
    Too bad it isn't a little earlier, I'll be down in SoCal just a bit before then!

  7. 17 or 18 weeks. Stay at the Queen Mary. Long Beach is really turning in to a super cool place.

  8. Dynamic stretching in the pool is a surefire road to success.

    PS I thought we were going to change these comments to make it easier on me. ?!?

  9. 10-9 is plenty of time to train for a half mary, If mr biker, me, can do a half mary, anyone can.

  10. this is awesome Marjorie! Go go go like little Miss C! :) I love your friend's site. :)

  11. She's got some energy, eh? See you Oct 8th at the Expo!

  12. Awesome!! Just answered my question from a previous comment. My half is in October too!! You have plenty of time!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
    P.S. I am loving your posts!

  13. yay Long Beach!!!!!! You can cheer for me after you cross the finish line!!!!


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