04 June 2011

P90X and Breastfeeding are compatible

Two weeks ago, I decided to add some cross-training to my workout schedule. My aging body and wonky hip can only handle 3 running days a week, and since I have gone and entered that half-marathon, increasing fitness by other means will be necessary if I am going to have a fighting chance of achieving my ridiculously over-ambitious time goal.

Juggling all of these workouts and being the stay at home mother of 4 kids can be a challenge. I usually work out at night when they are all in bed... not really my preference but you gotta do what you gotta do, right? I do NOT want to be cranky and mean at my kids because they are interrupting my workout simply by being kids... so I try to separate the two worlds of Mom and Athlete. Some people are able to integrate the two very well. Doesn't work over here. I have tried. I have a bunch of whiners :( ...even though we have this on the fridge:

At present, my go-to cross-training things are my bike (cannot believe I would ever say that) and a few chill dates a week with Tony Horton... partying to the sounds of P90X. So far, I have just been picking the "easy" workouts in that series. My current favorite is the X-Stretch... who couldn't stand to be a bit more flexible? I also love the PLYO... which is the Mother of All P90X Workouts... so it is only natural that I would love that one. 

At the beginning of each DVD there is a medical disclaimer/warning. "You should be careful.... check with your doctor... not for everybody... blah. blah. blah." What they don't mention is that while rigorous and X-treemly challenging, P90X and nursing ARE, in fact, compatible... especially the Ab-Ripper workout...

"scissor... get it?"

 trying to do those pulsing-the-heels-to-the-ceiling things is really hard 
with an extra 20+ pounds on your abs...

not to mention a squirming toddler attached to a very sensitive part of your body!

I think this one is blurry enough to not be considered the "p"word.
And if it disgusts you... well, sorry... let me know and I'll take it off.

This is why I wait until they are asleep.

And if you missed the pic of me in my ultra-rad Oakleys when I was in People magazine... click on THIS.


  1. Awesome! I know I can't work out around my kids. And since I did similarly with Kieran when he was little (putting him on my tummy)he stills tries to sit on me every time I lay down on my back on my mat.

    Love the pics!

  2. I love this post! The pics are too cute. I also separate working out and being a mom, in the beginning I didn't, but now it's easier to work out during naptime or after he goes to bed.

  3. I always laughed at the guys who would get squeamish around their wives while they were breastfeeding. Seriously, they are built for that particular function. Good job on the cross-training. I need to do more, fortunately, I am not actively breast-feeding. Or, is that the other way around....

  4. Ha! This is hilarious...but so true of nursing a toddler. Nothing is sacred to them.

    You go, supermom.

  5. Quoting Kelly:

    "(The Long Beach Half Marathon is) all about the blood, sweat, & SPARKLE"

    Caps hers, of course.

    After Cap'n Crunch, Bikes are the best thing ever invented. Good choice for cross training.

  6. My husband does p90x and loves it!

  7. I'm digging that pink carpet, girl! Hell yes you must keep it!!

    I'm thinking squats with the toddler attached, then you get upper body strength holding her while working those gluts...how cool is that?!?

    Hope you're having a blast at le par-tay!

  8. I have had similar challenges trying to work out a home. You make it work.

  9. This is hilarious! And with three children ranging from 7 to 18, I have been exercising with a child attached to me or running after me, skating next to me and now running ahead of me for years. Keep it up, don't get discouraged!
    Well done!

  10. I love your photo's and they bring back memories of trying to keep in some sort of shape when my kids were small.
    I think they make great work-out accessories...
    I am a new visitor and follower via Blog Entourage!

  11. Met you through the Swingin' by Sunday Hop and decided to follow your blog!
    Good to know about the P90X! I hear its hard. I go to two exercise classes a day at the gym (I have a lot of free time right now...) But someday I'll have kids and figuring out to to stay healthy is important! Thanks for some ideas. If people don't like the picture, they can look away! And btw- nice shades!
    Hope you follow me at http://withoutcomplexities.blogspot.com to see what life is like in South Africa!

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  13. You are hilarious! I always love reading your take on things. I also love the blurry/porn photo!

    I've got some catching up to do. I've been MIA from the whole commenting/reading thing since Blogger's been acting up. Can't wait!

    I hope you're doing well!

    Baby Talk without the Babble

  14. That is some serious multi-tasking. I didn't realize you had 4 kids. No wonder you and Amanda clicked. And, you two are pretty darn funny.

    I, for one, cannot imagine having 4 kids and being able to train, write a blog, and read blogs. Are you sure you are human?

  15. Hahaha! That's awesome! And I run in the morning before everyone's awake, because it's just easier on everyone that way...and by the end of the day, I'm pooped!! And good for you for nursing. I nursed all my babies, but was glad when the "ladies" went back down to their puny size :)

  16. I like to pick out the "easy" P90X stuff, too.
    If things get too hard, I just sit on the couch and observe for awhile :D

    I do NOT miss the days of trying to work out while the kids were underfoot. Now I just have to deal with the dog licking the sweat off my face whenever I'm required by Tony H to get down on the floor.

  17. Don't know how I missed this post - wasn't multi-tasking enough! I try to use nursing as an excuse not to do anything- ok sometimes I nurse and blog...but that's a heck of a lot easier than nursing while doing an ab workout:)

  18. OMG, that is hilarious! I never tried that - maybe it would help me actually get a work out in!


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