29 June 2011

Name That Job!

Today I am a playing in a game over at Kelley's Break Room. You can go there now and see what sorts of weird jobs I and nine other bloggers have had (or haven't had) and try your luck at guessing the answers!

Kelley is super funny... she plays awesome games on her blog, like Name That Job and Captcha Balderdash. She pays homage to the unacknowledged  members of the workforce in her Today, we salute you... series, as well as writes hilarious song parodies.

I *heart* Kelley.

And for those who have been hiding in a cave for the past several days... or have just been elsewhere, here's what you've missed:


  1. I will have to head over there and guess!
    My jobs haven't been too strange- but this is the strangest one I have ever had. Zookeeper.

  2. Name that job sounds awesome. Just what I need, another time waster :) - can't wait to head over!

  3. Fire Fighter!
    Police Officer!
    Construction Worker!
    Truck Driver!
    Low Level Administrator at The Bureau Of Land Management!

  4. Will name that job help me know what I want to be when I grow up?? Please, I'm still trying to figure it out.


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