20 June 2011

I have speed issues...

speed is relative, of course.

But I like going fast. As fast as whatever conveyance I am using can go.

I wish they would have a Grand Prix race for minivans... or NASVAN (I don't even know what that would stand for)... I would be so all over that. My Italian race car driver skills are sorely wasted and unappreciated tooling around town, in parking lots and at the school carpool lane. Yes, I really am Italian. And I do drive a minivan.

This is one of the reasons biking freaks me out. "Going fast" translates into "falling really hurts."

Going slow frustrates me.

Being slow really frustrates me.

As a runner, I am slow right now, but I still have a hard time not pushing the envelope regarding my abilities. I have got to learn how to rein things in if I am going to survive this half-marathon training.

Last night was my long run. We're at 7 miles at this point. I did it in 67 minutes and 40 seconds. That is a 9:40/mile pace, which was within the correct range... but....

1.5-mile split      14:10    9:27/mile
3.0-mile split      14:12    9:28/mile
4.5-mile split      14:40    9:47/mile
6.0-mile split      14:30    9:40/mile
6.75-mile split      7:11    9:36/mile
last 0.25 miles      2:56    more than 11 minutes/mile

Obviously, I crapped out in the middle there. I went out way too fast. The bad feelings were compounded by the large glass of water I pounded right before leaving the house... a hasty attempt at hydration since I had consumed very little water all day and had dark yellow pee, indicating that, hey, I'd better drink some water! And I shouldn't forget that very small slice of cheesecake I had immediately prior to the water-pounding. Cheesecake is not a good fuel to use for a long run. Even just two bites. Not good.

Do you have any tricks to slow yourself down?
ummmm... no. Unless you count running too fast at first so that you need to slow down :P I need some ideas on this... help!

Have you ever made a fueling mistake... like cheesecake?
ummmm... yes. Cheesecake. Burritos. Chips and salsa. Dr. Pepper.

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  1. You're pretty awesome just for being in a half marathon! Forget about speed. Endurance is key right? :-))

  2. i ate an entire chipotle burrito and then tried to do a speed workout. Was. NOT. Happening. :)

  3. My main source of hydration is coffee. I'm pretty sure that does a good job of slowing me down!

  4. I've learned to run early...before what I consume during the day becomes an issue.

    I did have a turkey sandwich stuck in my throat during an entire bike ride a couple weeks ago when I hurried up a meal for fueling purposes. That was fun.

  5. Boston Marathon
    1964, Tom Osler, 2:47:26
    1967, Tom Osler, 2:29:04
    1968, Tom Osler, 2:42:15
    1971, Tom Osler, 2:36:40

    Now, that I have convinced you of Dr. Osler's credentials (have I?), this is his suggestion for how to slow down when you realize your first mile is too fast: immediately slow way down (for us mortals that would be like walking pace or 12-13mm), continue that pace for 1 minute, then slowly accelerate until you get back to your training pace. Remember the trick is to go way slower than even you want for one minute, so that even your 'goal' pace will seem fast.

    They say sports is 90% mental, so this should work. Assuming the runner is 100% sane.

  6. Way to go on your 7 miles! I'm pretty sure we've all made that "2 bites of cheesecake" mistake at one time or another!

    I have to FORCE myself to go slow at the beginning of a long run--otherwise, things are NOT pretty after a couple of miles! I use my garin for pacing, but it also helps me to repeat "slow and steady" out loud if necessary!

  7. Trader Joes dark chocolate with almonds brick is not good fueling for long runs. Tastes good, thouhg.

  8. Speed does equal pain, one of my quotes on my tri cave wall has "Pain is temporary, Pride is forever"

  9. I am telling you....you are way faster then me...I did a 7 milers this weekend...over an hour for me
    now I dont push anything on the LR
    I go slow like Hal says to do on the training plan.
    I have hard times slowing down and pacing myself..In races I go out too fast 99% of the time and then I PAY for it.

  10. That was fueling problem more than a speed problem. I'm literally watching you tip to empty as the splits list. Peeing yellow is always bad. Unless you just took a hand-full of multivitamins, then it's OK.

    As far as maintaining a pace, try chanting (to yourself, unless you have the nun suit on) and/or creating your own rhythm. Everyone's internal metronome is pretty accurate, once you know what tempo you need to stay on track.

    I'm down with Danny's advice too.


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