16 June 2011

Trying to trick myself...

into being a faster runner than I am :P

I have this plan to run the Long Beach Half... are you sick of hearing about it yet? And I set a time goal for myself. I am still too afraid to 'out' what it is. Because what if I... don't run fast enough?

Awesome Jill has given me some really great ideas and super advice on how to figure it all out and get as fast as I can... without hurting myself in the process.

She has suggested that today I do a timed mile... flat out... balls to the wall... drooling-and-puking-at-the-end kind of effort.


I know she's right.

I know there will be a LOT of information to work with in the time for that




But like I said yesterday... once the numbers start to mean something, I tense up.

She and I talked about the McMillan Calculator... which I love. I love that thing. Love. It.

It says I need to run a single mile about a minute faster than I probably can in order to hit my goal time for the half. Is it even possible to get that much faster in 17 weeks time?

I am psyching myself UP for this ... not out :P

Which is a euphemism for trying to trick myself.

I'll let you know how it goes. 


  1. I KNOW you're gonna run a fantastic time, I just know it. My fastest mile was in 7th grade and it was about 7 minutes something (Till this day, I think I ended a lap early which is why my time was soo fast, lol)

  2. Wind sprints took an entire company of 9 minute milers to 7 minutes in 4 weeks. Granted all of us were under 30 at the time, and the vast majority were under 20, but hey, you have longer time to work with. AND, you have the benefit of being a world class athlete already. Seriously, you are starting from a level most of us are having to work towards. I think Danny called you out on this already.

    SO, my guess for your time that you want to finish in is: 1:32:08 Plus or minus a little.

  3. If you were a stock, I'd buy you.

    No go bust that mile out and post your time, soldier.

  4. If you were a stock, I'd buy you.

    No go bust that mile out and post your time, soldier.

  5. You know, I wouldn't base it entirely on your mile time either -- I suck at running a mile. Did a mile last thursday and then did 5k on Saturday (full out as well -- to get baseline time) and the results on the calculator are different. Based on the 5k time, my mile time should have been a full 20 seconds faster than it was. And then I was looking at what it said I should do for tempos and long runs and I do faster. Then I put in my goal time for the half --and the endurance times and stamina times are what I'm hitting - but like you, I'd have to take almost an entire minute off my single mile time.

    It is enough to make me a bit crazy. (if this message even makes sense --mostly it is the long way of saying -- I hear ya and am going through the same thing )

  6. wtwttch?

    I've got some good intervals for you to try as well.

  7. I am all about the puking part, at least you will be awarded for doing so, so why not, kinda makes you feel better about it

    I keep hearing this Yasso thing, maybe that is another thing to look into

  8. I'm hanging on your every word...

  9. what if you are not that fast?
    well...you will have done a half marathon after training WHILE taking care of 444 kids. THAT alone will be something my friend.
    if NattyBumpo guess is correct you will be cheering me at the finish.. see my time will start with a 2 for sure!!!!

  10. I got faster by doing sprints for 50 yards at a time, then walk 50 yards, jog 50 yards, sprint... I'd repeat 3 or 4 times at the end of my 4 miles. Good Luck!!!

  11. Good for you for pushing yourself and getting out there and being active! I bet you'll be surprised at how great you do. Even if you're not as fast as you want to be, you're still awesome!!

  12. That Jill knows her sh!t. She really does. I am NOT sick of hearing about the Long Beach half. I think you should write about it every single time.

    I am officially in my LB training cycle. I am going to make this course my bitch.

  13. I feel like a rockstar. Can I have my own star on the Hollywood walk of fame?

  14. Thanks Nat. I'm glad I'm not the only one barking up that tree.

    XL, I'm sure you know this already, but the point of training is to get somewhere that you are not currently. If you could already run your goal time, then why the hell would need to train for it?

  15. I never try to go any faster, because I worry I won't be able to finish.


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