22 June 2011

Try It Tuesday! .... my first triathlon!

Earlier in the month, Patrick of The Road [A Multi-Sport Blog] tossed out an idea to his readers... plot out a fantasy Ironman Triathlon course "in your corner of the world." Many of the comments praised the course he concocted, but I was the only one who played along. Except for Patrick's bff, Kovas... sort of. But he doesn't count. No one else even tried. Or would that be tri-ed?

And for my course, I was mocked.

First, NattyBumpo from Running Potato made reference to my race being filmed and me wearing a skirt. An even more wise-ass remark immediately followed. You can go find it if you really want to see it... I'll refrain from further comment about these characters vis à vis this situation as this IS a family-friendly blog.

Well... I have been doing a little training and experimenting with barefeet and skirts. You can check out my first B.S. run here, bike here, and swim here. Put them all together and what do you have? You got it! A triathlon :) And I wanted to check out my course idea... in micro form.


The 1st Annual First Day of Summer B.S. MicroTri...

B.S. stands for barefoot/skirt, and it's a MicroTri because it is soooooo short :)  One length of the pool, one block of biking and a half a block of running.

After the kids went to bed... yes, that was pegged :P... I suited up and got ready to go.

Does anyone look good in a swimcap? ANYone?  are you supposed to tuck your ears into the swim cap? And goggles... froggles. But I didn't want a repeat of last time where I stopped twice in the middle of the pool because I didn't know where the frog I was! So goggles it was.

My personal observations as I watched the video...
  • can you believe I made it across the pool this time? goggles really help! 
  • upper body work is in order... I had a hard time hauling my lame butt up and out of the pool.
  • yes, I am wearing a sports bra under my swimsuit... I am not running anywhere without one.
  • got the hair-flip in ;-)
  • my neighbor was in shock ... "what the heck is that weird running lady doing now?"
  • two things at that swim/bike transition... the fat tires stick in the stand and my hip still doesn't allow reckless throwing of the leg up and over the bike seat...
  • nice gut hanging over the skirt waistband :P
  • wonder if those squeeeeeeealy brakes woke anyone up?
  • my feet were so dirty when I finished...

Today, The Studly Runner asked her readers how they were planning on celebrating summer. I was in a funk when I responded. So Marcia... this is how I celebrated summer! My first triathlon... and it was so fun :)


  1. Thanks for the morning laugh, I have tears in my eyes. You are hilarious. I love the "ease" of your transitions on and off the bike and how we lose you in the darkness during the run. Thank goodness you reappeared. Your neighbors must think you are insane.

  2. You are so funny, I bet your neighbors think so too! Congrats on your first tri!

  3. You are officially a triathlete, woohoo! I think you should wear that helmet for the swim and the run - saves some transition time.

    But, what do I know - let's ask Patrick. I just hope you didn't incorporate any improper grammar.

  4. I noticed you lost a lot of time putting on your helmet before getting on the bike. Perhaps next time you should consider wearing during the swim? Just a thought.

  5. I love that you wore the skirt to swim as well...and the hair flip was fabulous! Congratulations on your first tri :)

  6. You and your videos at night...ha ha. Always worth the watch. You have NICE swimming form. yes? no? what do I know? But better than me. Natural athlete! Love the hair shake after you took your swim cap off.

  7. Swim - Well it was only 7 or 8 strokes but it looked like your body position was nice, maybe you were crossing your stroke some but easily corrected.

    Bike - Your brake pads need a serious adjustment. Any bike critique I might have had was forgotten when you woke up all of Northern California.

    Run - Looked strong, head was up and you had a nice kick in the last 6 feet before the finish.

    Well done.



  9. You're the consummate athlete!

    You have a great freestyle stroke. Did you swim competitively?

    Sorry, I watched the whole thing and even watched a second time. Where's the hair-toss?

  10. Congrats on making the team! See you in August! :)

  11. Hey!!!! you made the team! for HTC!!!
    so happy for you!!!!!!!

  12. great post! congrats on your first tri! I am visiting from the hop! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would follow me back! thanks so much!

  13. you are crazy!
    in a good way!!!!
    this is too funny!!!!!
    how do yu keep a straight face while you talk in the beginning?

  14. You crack me up!

    Congrats on making the Nun team :)

  15. congrats on HTC too! I'm so excited and can't wait to meet you and everyone else in person :)

  16. I'm crushed! From being thrown under the bus like that!!!

  17. Now THIS is my kind of triathlon. It mixes my love of sneaking up on people in the dark while riding a bike, night swimming, and wearing a sports bra under whatever I am wearing.


  18. LOL!! Well, congrats on your first triathlon, so are you going to sign up for one now?

  19. You are such a riot :) I love how your husband, I assume, is such a good sport and that he encourages this artistic and athletic side of you! Thanks for the laugh and I bet your neighbors think you're crazy.

  20. ha-love it! I think the hair flip and squeaky breaks were the highlight. I think you have a lot to bring to the world of triathlon.

  21. I love it!
    My favorite parts were the hair flip and the attempt at riding with the skirt!
    This was great!!

  22. That is MY kind of Tri-- You go girl!

    Cheers! VB

  23. You go! I'm too lazy to do that stuff but I really admire you for doing it!


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