31 May 2011

Try It Tuesday! ... with awesome hair-flip!

Last week I tried something new on Tuesday... remember the running barefoot... in a skirt video? That was on Tuesday. It was so much fun and felt so adventurous, I have decided that every Tuesday I will try something new and show you how it goes.

I'll do this until I get sick of it.

And if any of you have something you want me to try... hey, leave it in a comment :)

Keep your suggestions PG, please.

So here goes... my new thing on Try It Tuesday...

and Lightning Bug's Butt, the extra-special hair-flip is all for you

I know I need to figure out a way to do these demo videos before dark... I am still ironing out the wrinkles... you can't expect professionalism from an amateur, okay?

The pedals really hurt my barefeet. And the skirt was really awkward and provided NO comfort for my bony butt.

After this brief spin, I went for a run...

Can this count as a "brick"?!  she asked, excitedly.

Didn't think so... she said, dejectedly.

The run was okay... nothing to write home about. A little over three miles in I don't know how long...  I wasn't keeping track :)

But that giganto skunk was out roamin' again...


  1. On the kilt front, I have word from the "man himself" at Utilikilts as said that he will look through the R&D racks for something in my size...I can only hope and pray that he will but today I am still just a bill. Oh wait, that is something else. I will have to make a link to "my store" on their site if he comes through. That and all of my races from now on will be run in my kilt.

    Good thing I don't ride a bike...that might be REALLY uncomfortable, since I'm and outie.

  2. Ha ha ha! I wonder what your neighbor's think! This just cracks me up! I think I need to make more videos!

    Congrats on the "brick"!! Off to click the thumbs up!!

  3. Wow - you are quite the daredevil. You could have stubbed your toes or something! ;-)

  4. Daylight woman!! :)
    Throw a skirt in there for your barefoot bike riding. Skirts make everything athletic more fun. Or something like that.

  5. Makes me want to train with you, you are a riot

  6. You are such a boyfriend stealer! Doing that sexy hair toss for LBB!...pfffttt...well, you wait, I'll do a hair toss in my underwear! I know right, I always have to be the centre of attention! Love what I presume is your hubbys's voice (unless it's LBB's!!!) saying "Waiting with baited breath!" bahahaha! Ok, today though, it is so on! I'm going now, must tweet! Like all day!

  7. I love your videos :) Thanks for sharing your adventures :)

  8. Al things considered, I suppose protecting yer noggin with a helmet always makes sense, even though had your feet slipped off the pedals and made contact with the pavement, you could have shaved 20 layers of skin off pretty quick.

  9. Barefoot swimming in a skirt next, please!!!!

  10. @Nat: RW ran a feature on a naked duathalon. Supposedly the author found out that riding a bike sans clothes was much better than the alternative. I suspect a kilt wouldn't be too bad. Though I don't know.

    @Jenn: Definitely do some videos that are much fun! I even had a request for an instructional video. I'm scared about that one - might get sued. And I still have to do my video of my future 10K Beer Challenge...

  11. @Danny, two things, is it rude to steal XLM's comment thread for this? And, yeah, I read that article. Is it wrong that I looked to see if there were any races in Oregon?

  12. Oh my gosh, you are one brave chic! I haven't ridden a bike in so long, that alone would be a challenge for me, lol!


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