24 May 2011

Not getting "important" things done.

The drawers are empty.

This is what happens when you shift your priorities...

At least it's all clean!  And I've been here before, so I know how to take this one on!  Get it?

I'm not showing you the rest of the house on purpose. Now that Miss C is running amok, there are no mess-free zones at all. Staying on top of that biz is a full-time job, I tell ya! O. Right. That would be MY full-time job. I keep forgetting that part.

Enough campaigning for Top 10 in that Circle of Moms contest for the day... I need to fold this mess. And maybe pick up a little around here.

And get some exercise.

But that pink circle is just begging to be pushed! Or if you are too lazy tired to move the cursor allll the way up there, you can just click HERE to vote :)


  1. That kind of looks like our family room, pretty much every day. Laundry is just neverending.

  2. So does XT go under the "not getting 'important' things done" column or the "getting important things done" column? Just curious.

  3. I pushed it! I pushed it!

    Now I need to hop on that priorities bandwagon. uggg.

  4. Heh! Workin gon a huge pile myself right now. As you can see...I am getting lots done. ;)

  5. And just to translate: working on- not -workin gon

  6. I'm pushing the pink button/link but then I have to dig myself out of my kitchen. uggh!

  7. I think the XT now gets to go in the "getting important things done" column. I am learning to be expansive. I am even going to get on my bike tomorrow. Let's hope I don't fall :)

  8. Yep, that's pretty much what my den looks like. Except add in some granola bar wrappers and some dog hair. Yummy!

  9. Is it just me, or is Kovas at it again? Seriously. "The laundry never ends...". Think about it, right? Right?

    I don't even know what laundry IS. If you are talking about that pile of clothing in the middle of the floor, I just walk around it as I'm ripping open a new 3 pack of Calvin Klein boxer briefs.

    And on the rare occasion when I do have to touch the washing machine, I wash everything in cold with the environmentally friendly soap. Not because I care about the environment, but because I figure it's a low enough common denominator to work on any fabric. And when in doubt, I'll hang dry.

    P.S. The first half of the second sentence in the third paragraph is a joke. The second half of the same sentence isn't.

  10. I'm just here to tell you I voted 3 (THREE) times for you today. I hope you're pleased! I also sent you a text msg, hope you got it.

    Now hurry up and get that laundry done!

  11. Luckly I dont have that chore, my job is to wash it, not putting it away

  12. Those piles look SO familiar....so very familiar...

  13. That is what my spare bedroom looks like every weekend.

  14. I suggest taking a runner's beginner's schedule and tackle that mountain accordingly!

    I love your fireplace by the way.

  15. Am pushing the pink button :)


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