20 May 2011

You're doing it wrong!

I always double-knot my shoes when heading out for a run. I really don't want to have to stop in the middle of the run because they've come untied, bend down and get all dizzy when I stand back up... or even worse, trip on the dang laces and break my arm (this really happens... it happened to one of my stepdaughters... really).

I always double-knot my kids' shoes when called upon to tie them. Thankfully, there are only two left that cannot do it themselves since Big G finally got the hang of it. Double-knotting for the kids is because of the breaking-arm thing and so that their teachers don't have to spend the day re-tying shoes.

I don't use the "bunny ears" method. I use the other one... but I can't remember what it's called. Our shoe-tying book calls it "rocketship" method, but that's not what I called it when I called it something. Well, I just found out today that after all this time... I am doing it wrong!

Here is the video that shows you how to do it right...

So here's to properly-tied shoes from now on!

Now if I could just find some shoes that would match my boob-scarf...


And yes, I am going to remind you about the contest... pink button, top right, press it and vote for me :)
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Even though I am currently 999 places out of first, 20 votes would skyrocket me up 5 places in the standings... what other fitness blog is going to show you naked runners and boob scarves?


  1. I think I mentioned it before, I am a Yankz person, I dont tie shoes anymore

  2. Ha, this comes at perfect timing!! :) My oldest is just now learning and we do shoe tying lessons every single day. Lots of patience. :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I actually have always done it the right way! Craziness... usually I'm kind of a backwards sort of girl. I ALWAYS reinforce with double knots though, drives my kids crazy because then they can't get them off, but at least they stay tied while we are out. :)

  4. Hi! Following you from FNF blog hop!
    Hope you visit me and return the follow!:0)

  5. Boob shoes to go with your boob scarf:


    When does this voting thingie end??? I'm getting tired of clicking...but I am committed, dammit!!

  6. I believe we called that the "rabbit hole" method: where you make the tree (first loop), the rabbit runs around the tree and down the hole (or maybe I'm confusing that with the bowline).

    @Jill: the answer is "never" or june 1st. It depends on how successful XL is in finding more weird things to have these trained monkeys do. :)

  7. Or you could always get velcro!

  8. I am now following you from the hop and would love it if you could please return the favor at
    Thank You

  9. I actually learned that in Boy Scouts many years ago. But even armed with that knowledge gas still costs me $4 + /gallon. So I ask you, does it really matter?

    And there's Mom stuff going on right in front of my eyes...Mizzreiewlady is asking for some quid pro quo. That never happens to me.

  10. I will vote for you Marjorie! Of course, who else has nudity and granny's gadgets?! :)


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