26 May 2011

It's YOUR turn to make a difference...

How often have you wanted to see that little guy... the small fry... take it all the way? When he was up against Goliath, weren't you rooting for David? The most exciting thing is a "Cinderella Story" where the most unlikely of competitors scrapes and claws his or her way, against seemingly-insurmountable odds, to reach a level of success that surprises all.

Through sheer doggedness and by irritating the heck out of all  of her Facebook friends, this Circle of Moms Top 25 Fitness Blogs Contest boasts such an individual. And that would be.....


No one else is showing you barefoot running in a skirt, naked runners AND boob scarves!

My awesome voters have helped me skyrocket from 32nd place all the way to the Top 10 at times :) ... sitting with some very heavy hitters! You all ROCK!

This battle for the Top 10 is proving to be super tough... eleventh, tenth and ninth have been going back and forth for a couple of days now. It is nerve-wracking!  We are currently in 11th... but just a few votes back.

This contest doesn't end until June 1st at 5 p.m. Pacific time... so we are not even close to the final sprint... but help keep Taking It On in the running!  Keep doing what you're doing, my good folks! And if you haven't been voting, well, there's no time like the present to start :)

There is no need to join anything and no info sharing is required... it really is as simple as clicking THIS LINK and then clicking the "vote" button :)

simple simon
easy peasy
piece of cake


  1. Love this!!! Thanks for the FIGHT for the top 10... you are Tough my lady.. HUGS- Tall Mom

  2. LOL...thanks :P You two have really made me fight for this biz... I am getting tired... and have no friends left :)

  3. Did you like the kilt pics? And you know I voted as often as I could.

  4. Hey! What am I? Chopped liver?

  5. Voted :) Hope you get the honors!!


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