16 May 2011

XL's Make-up Tutorial...

Following my awesome VLOG last week in which I introduced myself and showed my face on camera, I got numerous emails and comments telling me how lovely I am and how incredulous people were that I don't wear make-up. Okay... I got a couple. Two is a number.

Well, folks... I'm coming clean... and as a part of hooking up with the good ladies at Vlog Talk...

Today, I am going to share my make-up routine with  you... watch closely ;-)

Have you ever noticed my URL?  lol

Did you get any of that?

And because I don't do it that often, I forgot to show you how sometimes I wipe my fingers across my eyebrows to try and make them look like they go all the way across the top of each eye. And I also forgot to show you how I do my hair when I am getting ready to go out... I take it out of the bun!  

Woo hooo! That's right... I just whip that ponytail holder right on OUTTA there!  yeah, baby..... mama lets her hair down!

Whew! Can you believe I did two vlogs in one night? If you missed Granny's Gadgets #19... get it HERE. Whoa... I just realized... I posted my race videos earlier today! So that makes more than two in one day ;-)  Seriously, I am so good at math.

And if you have the time... punch that little pink "Vote For Me" button at the top right :) Or click HERE to go directly to my page to vote... no need to join anything or share any info... just two clicks! And you can do it every day :)


  1. I heart how you planned the entire vlog! That is amazing! I just gave up and hit record. While wearing a robe that was in dire need of a good washing.

    Thanks for swinging by my neck of the web! I got such a kick out of you, I'm a new follower!

  2. Hysterical! Have to go with cherry over melon if you're going out. ;)

  3. Your video is hilarious. My make up routine includes applying chap stick at the red light outside my neighborhood ...

  4. Wow, costume change and all! Love your sense of humor!

  5. love it!! LOL - the "going out" outfit was HOT! woo hoo lady!! keep 'em coming!! :)

    are you strictly a "Chapstick" gal, or do you switch brands? ya know, brand loyalty is HUGE ;)

  6. Hilarious. I agree - cherry definitely screams a night on the town. You have fab skin, too - so you don't need make-up. Great job, vlogging!

  7. Ummm, you are fuuunnnnyyyy! I can't wait to see more!

  8. Cherry, you rebel you. SO funny, and you are so comfortable in front of the camera. Looks a lot like my routine except I sometimes put on some powder and blush if I'm getting all fancy.

  9. Cherry, for those of you who don't know, imparts a lovely tint of pink to the lips... perfect for those special occasions ;-)

  10. Hello my friend, thank you very much for your kind visit in Literatura & Linguagens. Regard from your friend in Rio de Janeiro/ Brasil !

  11. This is funny!
    My first visit to your place and I'm loving it!
    Awesome awesome make up routine!
    Visiting from Vlog Talk

  12. You know, I can't think of Cherry Chapstick without thinking about Katy Perry. You are a riot.

  13. I love this makeup routine. Switching up the chapsticks, taking the sweatshirt off, and pulling out the bun. Ready for a big night on the town.

  14. not the tampon!!!!!
    ahhhhhhh ha ha ha ha!!! rolling down the hill laughing!!!!

    you are too funny!
    your make up is similar to mine
    I an not fancy enough to have 2 kind of chapstick!!
    people always ask me if its true I dont wear make up...it is true!!!

  15. Lady I pissed my pants with that near pornographic cherry chapstick switch!LMAO You vixen you! Love it.You need to vlog more often. You are adorable and hysterical.I love "meeting" you in real life..not as still life:)Great job!

  16. You are sooo funny! And I voted again for you and I will vote every day, but honestly, even if I didn't love you like the other half of me, I'd vote for those boobs. You have great boobs!

  17. Va va voom, Marjorie! You're a vixen! Oh, and I love the chapstick! :)

    Baby Talk without the Babble

  18. I was laughing the whole time! You should be an actress! :)

  19. LOL you are cracking me up! Love the tampon pull out hahahaa. Great vlog. Keep 'em coming!


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