18 May 2011

Tripping with Kids: Getting There! ... and winners announced!

Today I am guest-posting over at Tales of an Unlikely Mother. Parentwin is the funny and marvelously insightful mother of hilarious and adorable 2-1/2-year old twin girls. She has great toddler tips and tricks... and so do her girls :P

So pop on over there and say "hi" and check out my post on traveling abroad with kids... the nuts and bolts, the nitty-gritty of the first step... getting there! Why am I qualified to post on this? Because I just took 4 kids to freakin' FRANCE... and lived to tell about it! If you are new to Taking It On, please visit the tabbed page titled "Paris '11" to see how it all went down... complete with museum-vomiting and getting lost... along with the most wonderful family memories one can imagine.


Second point of order...

Use that dang pink button up on the right and vote for this blog! I'm slipping in the rankings... down 2 places to 32nd. And here's the super quick link... HERE.  Vote for this blog every day. Do it. It's a group effort thing.

And guys, if you are wondering why you should vote for my blog... you obviously missed the cleavage video. Don't all guys vote for the chick with the best boobs?

Third point of order...

Remember that Me+Celebrity photo contest we won? Right! I said I would split the winnings between 5 people who "like" my Facebook page. The way it worked out is as follows:  they would only give me two $50 gift cards ... so three other people will receive $10 iTunes gift cards. 

Using the Spitball Lottery method....

in which all "likers" names were written on little slips of paper and wadded up into little spitballs and then put into a bowl, whereupon the first two drawn names receive the big cards and the next three names receive the iTunes cards...

Winning a $50 gift card to Good Vibrations...
  1. Ohemaa Jo
  2. Sandra Charron
And winning a $10 iTunes gift card...
  1. Lisa Mayberry
  2. Riyssa Greene
  3. Kathy Brenner
Ladies, claim your prizes by emailing me at:  xlmic.tio (at) gmail.com.

If a prize goes unclaimed for a week following this announcement, I might just need to draw another name out of the bowl ;-)  


Final point of order...

I am getting dangerously close to 100 "likes" on my Facebook page and 300 followers on this fabulous blog. When I get to those numbers, something awesome is going to happen. I don't know what yet, but I have my thinking cap on. It will be some sort of meaningful tribute to all of my supporters :) Please know how very much I appreciate each and every one of you who reads this :)


  1. Congrats winners!!

  2. congrats on the guest post. I'm off to check that out, right after I vote for you!

  3. Yay for winners!! Off to check out your guest post!!!

  4. Ok, so i voted for you on your pink button thingy and I already like your facebook page so that's out. Let me post you to my facebook wall and see if anyone wanders over here.

  5. That wasn't the Cleavage video that sold me...this one was http://didyougetanyofthat.blogspot.com/2011/02/grannys-gadgets-9.html

    You crack me up.


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