13 May 2011

Musique pour Mercredi... me gusta esta canción...

If you can sit still through this whole song, something is wrong with you. Or maybe you didn't set the volume at an audible level.

Sung by a French-born singer of Spanish descent. And I love it that he's older than I am :)

Me gusta esta canción.
Me gusta correr.
Me gusta el amor.

¿Qué te gusta?

I am not sure what happened ... this post was put up on Wednesday and disappeared and now reappeared as being posted on Friday. Hmmmmm.... And if you missed my awesome Vlog... that's VideobLOG... you can check it out here and have the opportunity to see me looking like a complete dork :)


  1. Catchy tune...I've give you that. Not quite Metallica or Rage Against the Machine. My favs.

    I hear you are doing LB in October. Moi aussi.

  2. Caroline's been talkin'... It isn't certain... that is my husband's birthday and I am not so sure he really wants to be watching 4 kids while I literally run around with strangers on his birthday! But he is a pretty genial guy, so it might just work out :)

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