07 May 2011

Four dozen...

looks like this...

and this...

and this...

And this...

Happy Birthday to MEeeeeeeeeee!  :)

Just so you know, this photo of me is a couple of weeks old. I tried taking one yesterday, but the bruising from my DIY nose job still hasn't subsided. This one, although with my only once-broken nose, is better than yesterday's. And if you missed Baby X's photo yesterday, you must go back and see it :)

I had planned on getting this post up yesterday... on my birthday... in case you missed it :P

It was a great time! We went out last night without any kids... woo hooo!!!!

And had a ch-ch-ch night....

  • Cheese (and salami eaten in the car on the way to the movie)...
  • Chips (smuggled into the movie because I decided that the movie popcorn is bad for me... but potato chips are waaaayyyyy better... lol)
  • Chocolate (also smuggled into the movie so that we didn't have to pay $4 for a box of Raisinets)
We were going to get a Coke, but it doesn't start with "ch".

What can I say? I'm super easy to please :)

And many thanks to all of you who helped make my birthday that much more special with your wonderful birthday wishes!


  1. Well old lady, what did you see?? LOL!! You may a year or ten on me, but I'd give up those years to be as fit and active and healthy as you are. I know it's up to me, but dang it's so easy to be lazy!

    Happy birthday again. Glad you shared it with us. :)

  2. Happy Birthday yesterday! And every night is ch-ch-ch night for me!

  3. four dozen looks pretty good happy birthday to you I am a new follower see me at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  4. Happy Birthday again. You are so way younger than me. You could have had some Cilurzo wine from Temecula. It sounds like Chilurzo.

  5. Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great day! And Happy Mother's Day too!

  6. Ho9w about some cheesy cheetos!!! Just trying to help out, even over looked the salami part


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