06 May 2011

happy birthday to meeeeeeeee!!!! and the gadget giveaway winner announced!

In the GREAT GADGET GIVEAWAY featuring the amazing garlic peeler, it is:

being named the winner of said gadget by way of the Scrabble Method! I swear, I've got to get more creative with my random choosing methods... I almost fell asleep doing this one this time.

If you missed this awesome gadget, here is the instructional video... right here.

So Table for Seven, let me know where this sucker ... and the $15 Target gift card :)... are going by emailing me at:  xlmic.tio (at) gmail.com  and I shall hook you up!

And today is my birthday... I will write a whole narcissistic, attention-seeking post about myself later, but feel free to wish me a happy birthday, become a follower of my blog, go check out my Facebook page and click that lil ol' "LIKE" button... and if you want to see what 47 years, 363 days can look like in action, you will need to see my latest video creation:  Synchronized Carpet Swimming.

If you want to see this become an Olympic sport, you can help by making this video go viral. The IOC would have a hard time turning it down if the WHOLE WORLD was clamoring for it. And we could probably get them to consider the Going-Nowhere-Fast Triathlon also described in that post.


  1. Bonne Fete!
    Happy Birthday!!!!!
    wishing you only the best!!!!
    so how does it feel to be 26?!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Bonne Anniversaire! (sorry if that's wrong, my french is crusty at best)
    I am all over a spot on that carpet swim team.

  3. Happy Birthday!!! I "liked" you on facebook! I already am a follower and a happy one at that! Your carpet swimming was indeed impressive! Lol! Have a wonderful Birthday and Mothers Day weekend!!!

  4. Cute video of the carpet swimming, too.

  5. happy happy happy happy wishes to you!!!!

  6. Happy birthday! Have a wonderful year to come and a fabulous day. Then take a rest and then have a great mothers day! Party people in da house! (:

  7. Bonne Anniversairee a toi.

    So, you went to Cornell and didn't even mention it in your comment on my blog? You are modest. Did you see me? I brag about SDSU! Well, I'm kidding a little.

  8. Happy Birthday, dearest. Hope it's the beginning of a fantastic year.

  9. Happy Birthday! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I came over and followed you thru GFC and Facebook. Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!


  10. Happy Birthday! (from a fellow Tauran to another!) :-)

  11. happy birthday and congrats to your winner!

    newest follower from the hop
    I would love a follow back :)


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