09 May 2011

Granny's Gadgets #18... creative reuse, a caboose and a challenge!

Can you believe we've done eighteen of these things? EighTEEN... that sounds so mature.

Today we are reusing some of that garlic we peeled last week... that's the 'creative reuse' part ;-)

A few points to take note of:

1. When it comes time in the video to clean out the gadget, I say 'divots' and what I mean is 'projections', and my critic and camera man informed me that just rinsing it out right away cleans it all just fine. It is usually dry and totally crusted in there when I clean it. Clearly, he is the true, hands-on culinary genius and clean-up master in the family. I am just the "ideas guy."

2. Yes, I am stumbling over my words tonight... not for any reason other than I am tired because I was up at 3:30 this morning, which is a story for a different day.

3. And that alarming beep noise is just the phone letting us know that the battery is about to run out :P

4. I should add that yes, I do badly need a manicure or something to help my really red and dry-looking hands. They don't hurt, don't worry... they just look really bad in these videos. Must be the lighting...

Bringing in the Challenge:

Last week I had a number of readers respond positively to the idea of a Granny's Gadget Challenge. If you enjoy Granny's Gadgets and have a gadget of your own that you would like to share with us, or maybe you can't stand Granny's Gadgets and think it's easy to stand in front of the camera with some ridiculous tool and try to make it remotely entertaining, then PLEASE let me know that you'd like to participate by emailing me at:  xlmic.tio (at) gmail.com.

I'm still working the idea out in my mind, but I envision maybe 3 or so participants once a month would post a video of themselves demonstrating their gadgets. We'd link up somehow and all laugh at how absurd we are. The Challenge is open to any sort of gadgets, not just kitchen ones.  In fact, non-kitchen ones might even be preferred... wouldn't want anyone stealing Granny's thunder, now would we?  lol

Did you spot the caboose?


  1. That caboose plate rocks...I usually just buy pre-minced garlic and only peel the ones that are going to be sliced and stuffed into slits cut into steaks or put into burgers.... BUT, I do have one of those laying about somewhere.

  2. This one is great!! :) I think I might have one of these Garlic Crushers! :)

  3. we have 4 of them in our home, 3 for kids to play with their play-dough with and 1 for the kitchen! i got mine from PC when I moved outta my parents home back in 05 and I love it, so I had to get some cheap ones for the kids to use in their play-dough!

  4. Good Morning....welcome to the 3:30 wide awake club. Can I be president??

    I did tell you I hate to cook, right? I thought by attending numerous Pampered Chef parties 10 years ago there'd be some miraculous transformation and I'd be featured on Iron Chef by now - but alas, that was not meant to be! I have always been dying to figure out how to use a pastry blender....the one time I used it, it made absolutely zero sense; I bet I could find something creative to make a video out of that for sure. Or my pickle slicer, perhaps. I don't even like pickles much....why do I own one?

  5. LOL Thank you for the morning smiles! I do have one of those thing majigs for garlic but I use garlic in a lot of my cooking so I tend to use the preminced stuff...go through a big jar in about a month...gee I wonder if we smell like garlic? :) I never thought of using this for playdough...just might have to get a couple of cheep ones for the little's..is it hard to clean the playdough out?

    I recently found that coconut oil helps dry red hands(like mine were) and skin in general...I have had really dry skin because of thyroid issues and since I started using coconut oil my dry skin is no longer an issue.

    Thank you for all your encouragment over these past months...it really has meant a lot to me.

    Hope your day is good!

  6. I have a boatload of gadgets (kitchen and otherwise). I'll have to put on my creative hat, grab the tripod and try to do something!

  7. Still searching for the perfect completely useless gadget to review...

  8. I bought my s/o a bug vaccum from the clearance isle a bed, bath and beyond, and she like is. Its a small hand vac with a long pole. Every so often I hear her start it up, followed by "EEEEEEE I GOT IT" then runs down stairs to show me. She gets so proud of her herself.

  9. Super cute plate!!

    And I LOVE garlic, but I always just chop it by hand.

  10. 18 really does sound so mature:) Why were you up until 3:30?!?!?! I wish I could watch the video but I am at school and it is blocked but I can't wait to watch it when I get home. Now I am craving something with garlic:)

  11. With all due respect to Granny, I am going to buy you a garlic press with "projections." You have way more important and rewarding ways to spend your time than cleaning out an ancient press with a *toothpick*!! I have an OXO brand one that I use almost daily. So much so that, last year (after maybe 10 years of service) the hinge finally cracked apart. But I wrote to the company, and they sent me a new one free of charge! I think I am up for a guest gadget contribution -- first need to scrounge around to find a worthy tool...

  12. Way to "plunge" the garlic Majoie--excellent grunts!!


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