18 May 2011

Musique pour Mercredi... is it hot in here?

Or is it just her?

I think she works out.


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  1. Um...hello?? My name is not on that list! I think a do-over is in order!!


    I can't watch your video here at work, but will do so tonight. If I do not fall off my bike and end up in the hospital or something. It's raining and I've never rode in the rain before.....

  2. Oh my! What do you think about making that your next running outfit?? Maybe next year for B2B? I'm not sure where you would tie your car key but I'm sure you could figure something out :)

  3. You found my secret music videos from back in the day! Back before the kids I was much better at plucking the unibrow.

  4. so freaking FRENCH!

    lipsync all the way!!!

    next week music from Quebec...
    Les colocs are funny and good

  5. There is something about the women from in and around the Mediterranean - Spain, South of France, Italy. Alizee is from Corsica, I learned that on Wikipedia. At first I thought maybe one of her parents was Moroccan so thus I had to research it...

    I personally like my music a little more challenging, but whatevs I watched the whole video.


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