23 May 2011

Granny's Gadgets #20

Can you believe it?  I still haven't run out of gadgets!

Like most of the others, this week's gadget was a complete mystery to me. That doesn't necessarily mean it is all that exotic... it just underlines the fact that I am fairly kitchen-ignorant.

This tool does seem rather useful... lemon curlies for a martini, lemon zest for a lemon meringue pie... but no way is it as useful as the awesome green shirt I am wearing in the video.

My green shirt is from 1996. I wear it a lot. It is perfect for the warm up portion of a run, for sleeping in and for making videos. I got it at a race back when I was a kind of decent runner. It reminds me of those days. The olden days. These gadgets are also from the olden days. I thought the two would go well together tonight... old green shirt and old gadget... both old and both useful. Is it working for you?

And only about a week left of the constant haranguing about voting in the Top 25 Blogs contest, so bear with me :) There's a couple of ways to play this thing... clicking HERE or popping that pink button at the top right. Simple simon... getting sooooo close to the top 10 that I can taste it like lemon zest!


  1. We have "graduated" from a zester such as that to a MICROPLANE. We have three of them now. Why are we still up?

  2. I can't believe you aren't texting me hourly to remind me to vote! I have 3 computers I can vote from daily ya know... brides are useful tools. :)

    I can't see your video from work so will pop on tonight when I get home and check out the latest useless gadget so I know what type of video I need to do for my useless gadget! I bet I even have a shirt older than yours!!

  3. I voted!
    I have that gadget!!!!!

  4. hey the husband in the supporting role today!!!


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