08 January 2011

She's a daredevil

It's not quite sky-diving...

and it's not quite bungee-jumping...

but give her until she's at least two years old ;-)

What's the highest thing you've ever jumped off of on purpose?  Were you scared?  Did you get hurt?

I used to be a diver ... but not 10m platform... just 3m springboard.  So 10 feet is the highest I've ever jumped from... but I could do it pretty fancy-like :)   I was scared of a few things... like reverse dives.  Moving forward to then dive in (or flip around) backwards just freaked me out.  I did get hurt doing a few belly flops, but nothing serious.

What's the highest thing you've ever fallen off of on accident?  Were you scared?  Did you get hurt?

I once fell from a third-story balcony as I tried to throw my leg over the railing while climbing in from the fire escape.  No, I wasn't a burglar ... or a spy... or a stalker.  It's one of those college stories.  I wasn't scared because I didn't realize it was happening.  I didn't get hurt because I was very 'relaxed.'  A night that shall live in infamy... 

I hope my mom and my kids don't read this one.


  1. When I was a kid, I would climb on top of EVERYTHING !! I don't think I was a jumper, although according to my parents, I did take some scary nose dives once I got to my perch.

    I even had to go to the hospital because of it (broke the bed in the meantime...yes, I've always had super human powers!).

    I bet your 3rd story balcony story is a gooooooood one!! Give us a hint!


  2. I don't know about any stories about falling on accident but I remember a time was going to jump off this cliff/waterfall into this water in Oregon. I. Can't. Believe. I. did. it. Scariest thing in my life. I stood up there for almost 20 minutes trying to get the nerve while people went past me and raved about how fun it was and what thrill it was! I didn't think it was fun at all. So. Scared! still really. :)

    What a doll you have! Love seeing your short clip!

  3. Your comments always make me laugh:)

    Baaah!!!! on the college story! I, of course have NO college stupidity stories to share....

    At my birthday party in second grade I felt it necessary to prove to my friends that I could jump from the top of the playground equipment instead of going down the "firepole". I had done this several times but this time my feet hit the ground, my knees hit the bottom of my chin and I literally almost bit off my whole tongue. It was a bloody disaster!! To this day, I'm terrified of heights!

    Cute video:)

  4. The highest thing I've jumped out of is a plane at 17,000 feet this summer. Hell yes i was scared and am just amazed I didn't mess my pants. Don't need to do that again.

  5. Military Static-line jumps at 800 feet. Wasn't scary at all, in fact it is quite the blast. If I could afford another hobby, I would take up sky-diving just because I have always been a bit of a fool.

    Highest thing I've fallen from...there was a garage incident once, were I was setting up for a band, yup, a Garage Band...and I fell out of the rafters and landed on the drum set. That kinda hurt a bit, but managed to not land on the high-hat or cymbals so did not manage to impale myself.

  6. My brother and I (and all of our friends) used to jump off our roof for fun when we were in Elementary school. I am happy to report that there were never any injuries but I can tell you that my current PT thinks that was a VERY bad idea.

  7. Huh. That was the first time that my comment was entered relatively easily. I usually don't comment b/c I get caught in some glitches.


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