04 January 2011

Musique pour Mercredi

I've noticed that lots of people I follow here in The Land of Blog do a little thing for each day of the week... and there is usually alliteration involved.  You know what I'm talking about... "three things thursday", "wandom wednesday", "full-throttle friday"... like that.  It does kind of give you a default when the ol' creative juices aren't flowing as freely as one might like.  So I am giving it a whirl and we'll see how long I last.

You may have noticed that Monday was Granny's Gadgets... no alliteration with the day of the week... oops.  And I need to come up with something next week for Tuesday... I was going to use this post for Tuesday, but it's too late now... this is a waking up kind of post.

On Mercredi (français for wednesday... yes, suar, i am copying you and your francophoniness ;-) but I am also copying jenn and her bilingualness ), I am going to throw some French music (or at least music that has some words in French) at you.  I promise it will be something I think is good.  lol   Why French? you may ask.  Ummm... do I have to have a reason?  Cuz I don't :)

So here goes... 

Okay... sort of stupid to have a video link when there is really no video to speak of... but I like to start the day off with something that gets me moving like this song does.  So just click on the 'video' and listen and then try to tell me you don't feel like it is going to be a little bit better today just because you listened to this awesome song!

(nevermind that the song is about an unemployed guy smoking some pot... ) 

I, for one, plan on having a FANTASTIC day!


  1. It got me moving! Well, no, but if it was morning it would. :) I loved your comments on Janae's three tangent tuesday post. I have only read her blog today and a few of her comments that catch my eye. That is so cool you have dual citizenship AND that you had a baby at 42! So fun to know. Is your family in Italy? When did you move here (that is if you lived there first :) ) Yes, I was going to do a small syllables Saturday. :)

  2. Well, I kinda felt like moving, but then I did what he was doin' in the song, and like, now all I want to do is figure out if I have enough change to buy a bag of Fritos and sit here and listen to the song over and over and over and like, I don't know, eat the Fritos or somethin', it is like totally mellow at work now, and I think all these red lights are cooler than the green they normally are, and like wow, this e-mail from the boss, is like ALL CAPS and F-bombs, so like maybe I should turn stuff back on, but then I would have to actually like, stand up and walk across the room, and like push some buttons and stuff, so I don't think I will right now, good thing I locked the door to the server room before coming in here, and it is also a good thing that it has its own AC system so no one else can smell the righteous pot that I'm smokin'

  3. if I wasn't in my formative years, i'd claim that was vintage 80s.

    but what does a culturally deprived young person like me know?

  4. Do Do Do, La La La, Merde, Merde, Merde! Yes, VERY catchy!

    Guess what?!? I have dual citizenship too. Italian and American. Cool :)


  5. As my mother was born in USA, and I was born in England, that gave me dual citizenship, too. But only until I was 25.

    I didn't find this out until I was 28, and already had a British passport since I was 10, to go to school in France, so I had to stick with it.

    So now I am a British/French speaking Texan with a British passort.

    I really applauld you for being step mother to 6, that could not have been easy. Cheers!

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  6. Thank you for the blogs you mentioned. I'm off to check some of them out hopefully in a min. surprisingly, my kids were holding it together like that for real... haha...not always the case.

  7. Wow, your blog is really taking off, every time I visit you have more followers and commenters. Good for you! :) I love reading your posts!


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