10 January 2011

WHY are you wearing THAT?

Do you ever see a someone who makes you want to ask them this question?  The tone of voice would be one of confusion mixed with, perhaps, disgust and/or disbelief.  The facial expression would be contorted... a sneer or grimace, usually.  Or has anyone ever asked you this question... with the accompanying facial expression?

We all make fashion mistakes.  Some of us are living, breathing fashion mistakes.  Sometimes it is intentional... we knowingly dress like an idiot... on purpose (a second-skin-like, flesh-colored body stocking, dotted with little bunches of toilet paper and accessorized with kitty ears and a tail for Halloween, for instance).  Sometimes the intentionality is not driven by idiocy but by some misguided aesthetic sense (this form-fitting, blue suede, strapless minidress makes me look... cheapsizzlin' hot).  Aside from those forgotten moments from the past...  Most often for me, however, it is either comfort or convenience.  How about you?

So when I got home from my run the other day and my husband sneered oh-so-disgustedly and asked, "why are you wearing that?"  I was the one who was confused.  It was just my little black t-shirt.  My favorite running shirt... fay-vo-ritt.  It is normal.  It is cute.  It fits :)

I asked him, "Why?  what's wrong with it?  I love this shirt.  I wear it all the time."

"Yeah, but if you're going to leave it out in the backyard you should wash it before you wear it."

"Ummmm.... what're you talking about?"

"The snails really did a number on the sleeves, babe.  It's gross.  All the slime trails are just nasty.  I can't believe you didn't notice!"

Ummmm.... hmmmmm...


So while my gait is getting more runner-like (I no longer look like one of the zombies from the Thriller video), and the other day I really felt like I was getting back to my old athlete-self because I was spitting again (woo hoo!), there is still something I need to work on.


Need to work mostly on the "separation" end of things... so I don't need to wipe on the sleeves... in case you didn't get catch my drift.


  1. Snail Shirt HA!
    I think I do the zombie gait on most of my runs. I must be quite a sight, with my dog, my winter gear, just kind of shuffling/lumbering along...

  2. Slime trails! Now that's a new one!

  3. Ha ha! Zombie from the thriller video! Too funny!! I'm a master of the farmer blow! No need for the shirt sleeves!

  4. this

    snail snot rocks.

  5. In the middle of the Pikermi (half-marathon) I ran in October, this cute gal comes running up along side me, blasts a snot-rocket with perfection and aim. I quipped, "Nicely done!" "Thanks!" she replied before leaving me in her wake. Too funny. I am a guy, so I am pretty good at them, and well, spitting is something I am teaching my girls how to do properly...is that wrong?

  6. A little snail slime never hurt anyone. Just sayin'. Tell your husband to put that in his pipe and smoke it.

    OK. Dying at your comment today on my blog about the green bikini. Actually laughed out loud until my eyes watered. Thanks.

    Congrats on the spitting. You make me proud.

  7. Ha ha, funny stuff. I'm so bad at "snotting" as in, very, very bad. I practice on my early morning runs when there is no one around to see me, but I'm not getting any better.


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