26 January 2011

Musique pour Mercredi

Les Barbapapas... the quintessential French cartoon... so weird, yet très cool...

Which Barbapapa is YOUR favorite?  lol

Click here and here to find out more about these fascinating creatures.


  1. That is so bizarre! Ha! I like the green one who just picks up the blue one and starts playing his...um, tail? The blue Barbapapa doesn't look happy about it!

    BTW, please don't feel obligated to accept the LOL award. I want you to have it, of course, but I kind of feel it's like a chain letter. I just wanted to link you up on my blog so my readers would click over for some Barbapapa and other interesting stuff you've got over here!

  2. Kelley! Would I have started a blog if I didn't want to share ridiculous things about myself that no one really wants to know? ummmm... no. So I will happily and skippingly (but no split leaps... I leave those to you) figure out 7 additional, absurd things about myself... it shouldn't take long ;-)

  3. Oh my gosh! Blast from the past! I'd totally forgotten about the Barapapas, but I LOVED them as a kid. I can't remember the show or characters, but I remembered the warm fuzzy loved feeling as soon as I saw it. I probably liked the pretty pink musician or the book reader.


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