07 January 2011

I Ran...


In the dark.

In the cold.

in. my. glasses!

Anyone who wears contacts knows that that's a big deal ;-)

I didn't run all that much... 4 miles.  And it was the first time this week (I was suffering through a 3-day migraine up until yesterday).  I didn't want to do it.  But I knew I ought to do it.  And I ended up feeling really happy while I was doing it and when I had finished!

Here's to going out and getting it done... even when you would really rather not.

Ten o'clock... time for dinner :)


  1. Oh, that is seriously impressive. I don't run. I'm horrible at it. I couldn't even run a mile if I tried right now. I like to exercise, but running is for the birds!

    BTW, I DO look forward to your comments on my blog! I wasn't blowing smoke, girlfriend! Thank you for your nice compliments about my silly little blog. Youdabest!

  2. Running in glasses...now this is big time for me! Great job! And don't we usually feel better? Love that. Way to get out there. :)

  3. I will have to say, 10:00 dinner sounds like my house used to be. I now have three kids in school, so 8:00 bedtime means dinner needs to be et before 8:00.

  4. You are a WARRIOR! I'm too scared to run in the dark. There are GHOSTS out there ready to haunt me! I watched Poltergeist as a kid (without permission) and it scarred me FOR LIFE!!

    I'm glad that as an adult, I get to sleep with someone every night. When the nightmares come, he can rescue me :)



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