26 January 2011

Ut-oh... she's at it AGAIN!


I have been asked by one of the funniest people I have ever had the good fortune to stumble upon... Kelley over at Kelley's Breakroom (she'll even give you a Coke after you take a seat in her comfy orange chair)... to bombard you all with yet seven more stupid fascinating facts about moi (french theme today).  If you missed (or need to review) my previous narcissistic diatribes random facts posts, just look to the right in the side bar

  1. I over-use the little semi-colon/hyphen/parenthesis combo... I just LOVE the little winky face it makes ;-)   see?  so if you read my blog or my comments on your blog (or the blogs of others) and wonder "what is up with that?"... no need to wonder anymore!  ;-)
  2. I love Barney.  The big purple dinosaur who sings and dances.  Love.  He tells us to eat healthy snacks ("have a snack.  have an apple or an orange.  have a snack.  broccoli is neat....when you want something crunchy, when you want something sweet... fruits and vegetables are always fun to eat!").  He assures us that we're growing taller, bigger and stronger... everyday... even when we're sleeping and even while we play.  He is so nice and kind and understanding and imaginative and supportive and encouraging... what's not to love?  But I cannot stand Baby Bop or BJ (BJ... for real?  I don't understand why they named a character BJ... just asking for ridicule).  Those two should be extincted.
  3. I am totally skeeved by just the thought of cleaning up after a dog with a plastic bag.  Weird, I know, given that I have changed a bazillion poopy diapers and toilet-trained 3 kids and so have, on occasion, practically been up to my elbows in human excrement.  But there's something about putting my hand in that plastic bag and then grabbing on the steaming hot dog poo... will it be squishy? will it be hard? will it fall apart? will it hold form? is there a hole in this bag?  I just don't ever ever ever ever ever want to do that again ever in my life.  
  4. I believe in miracles.
  5. I love busting on people... just for fun... I don't hardly ever mean it to be mean.
  6. I am often very irreverent and totally un-PC... all in the name of fun.  I try to not take anything too seriously... except the job of shepherding my kids into adulthood in one piece and at least semi-equipped to take on this big beastie we call 'life'.  This irreverence doesn't go over too well in my super-dee-duper (thanks, Barney ;-) ) PC community, and the humor of it is often lost on the area natives.
  7. I am as absolutely astounded that anyone reads my blog (let alone likes it) as I am that I can ever cook something without burning it... or the pan it was supposed to be cooking in.
So thanks to everyone who comes here ever.  
And extra thanks to those who return.  
And super-dee-duper thanks to those who leave nice comments ;-)


  1. Barney? Really? I've never really watched him, but I always just assumed he would exhaust my patience and make me throw the tv out the window (although he does have a clever clean up song) but it you say so, perhaps I should reconsider...

  2. I totally get the doggie poo problem! That's why I make my kids do it...just in case there's a hole in the bag.

    I mean, really, the kids probably didn't wash their hands after they went to the bathroom anyway, so what's the harm?

  3. Yeah, about the poo thing...we use a shovel which goes to show how often the dogs get out for a walk...

    By the way, congrats on the award..That Kelley is a funny gal!

  4. I think irreverence is a wonderful quality.

    And don't be surprised that others like your blog. This is my first time here, and I love it already.

  5. Barne is a big fa purple LOSER! His big bu is NO eaing broccoli, apples, and oranges...I promise ou ha!

    I once hough his was a cool blog...no so much anmore ;-|

    (like m mad face??)

  6. Hmmm, Barney? REally? To each his own I guess. :) I like barney more than The Wiggles I guess. Picking up dog poop...bag or no bag...I just plain can't stand it. ugggh. don't want a dog.

  7. I think i'll ignore the astonishment of you haveing blog readers after seeing you flip that GINORMOUS pancake the other day.

    (you DO have blog readers and you can cook without using the smoke alarm)

  8. I am with you on the idea of cleaning up after a dog...yuck! And also on the over-use of :) In fact, I typically alternate my use of :) with ! as those are my favorite forms of punctuation! It's more fun when it's smiley, right :)

  9. Ugh. I feel the same way about dog doo (and cat vomit). It's the warmth factor. I cannot handle it.

  10. Hahaha. You lost followers over Barney? And here I was sure it would be the dog doo doo confession!


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