15 January 2011

I want to run the Dipsea Race

Am I crazy?

The Dipsea Race just sounds like so much fun!  After reading the course description, that statement really pegs me as insane.  

But I want to do it anyway.

Too bad it isn't simply a matter of signing up... *sigh*  Rigid participant-limit makes it kind of hard to actually get in.  Well... I'm going to try.  I'm thinking that training for the Bay to Breakers will really help... both are a bit over 7 miles and have hills that kill.  And the Dipsea is harder and a month later... extra training time... if I get in.  Think good thoughts for me!

Anyone out there reading this mess ever done it?  What was it like?

Tomorrow I will be attempting 8 miles ... with hills.  I haven't been near a hill in my running shoes in seriously 9 years.  NINE years.... YEARS.  I may turn it into 7 (which would mean turning around right before the really big hill... the top of which is the 4-mile turn around) and not feel too much like a wimp because even 7 would be farther than I have run in those same NINE years!

Whose rooting for me?

Who can I root for?  Who's doing a long run tomorrow?  Who's doing something else challenging?

Who will be lying around, sleeping in?  

Who will be crashed out on the sofa all day eating yummy things made for them by someone else?  

In other words, can I be envious of your Sunday?  lol


  1. Good luck with that!!! I'm rooting for you! How I would love to be crashed out on the sofa all day eating yummy things made for me by someone else! Hockey rink and a treadmill long run in store for me:) Don't be envious!

    My 800's. I recover with a 400. 2 sets 800/400/800//400 etc. Most intervals I do, I recover with half the distance.

    Hope the run goes awesome and you have a great day!

  2. It looks like a great race. It's looks like a challenge. I believe mostly really young or really old win much of the time based on the adjustments they do for winning it.

  3. OK, the Dipsea looks kinda fun--yeah, I'm certified crazy though...4 daughters kind of seals that one.

    Can I brag a little? My Sunday morning was spent running a nice little 14 miler.

  4. I hope you had a great run...hills and all! Sunday morning I actually spent on the ellipticall with my best friend, chatting and catching up. Tomorrow will be my longest run yet...I am not up to 7 yet but I will be running 4.5. You can root for me...it will be tough but I have confidence!

  5. All talk and no hills... that's me :(

    Actually, I don't feel badly about it... especially since I DID run 7 miles (even if it was flat). The morning just didn't cooperate with driving up to the hilly place before getting everyone to soccer. And my husband had plans to be out in the afternoon. That meant I had to do what I could with my immediate vicinity... the flats by the bay... again.

    Jennifer... I do so miss having social exercise! Chatting is so much better than music, in my opinion. I am totally rooting for you!

    Jenn the Interval Goddess... wow... half as much rest as work... *shaking my head in amazement* I get to do something way more fun than hockey games... fill out financial aid paperwork! Woo hoo!

    DR and NB... you guys should come run it with me! lol It'd be a breeze after 14 miles ;-) And I don't care about winning... finishing would be good and I would probably set myself up w/ a little time goal.


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